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Sony confirms the SmartWatch 3 will not receive Android Wear 2.0

The SmartWatch 3 was Sony's first - and last - attempt at making an Android Wear device. It was a good watch at the time, and still is, but it won't be getting the long-awaited Android Wear 2.0 update. The SW3 was already missing from the list of supported watches, and now Sony has confirmed it.

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Marshmallow Update Now Rolling Out To Sony Smartwatch 3, The Last Watch To Get The OTA

Google's developer advocate, Wayne Piekarski has announced that an Android Wear update is rolling out, and not just any Android Wear update. This is the fabled Marshmallow update for the Sony Smartwatch 3. The first wave of watches are getting the OTA now, and all of them should be updated inside of a week.

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[Update: Back In Stock] Snag A Sony SmartWatch 3 For Only 99.99 From Verizon Wireless

The SmartWatch 3 was never the most distinguished wristwatch. James Bond may carry around an Xperia phone, but not even Sony can get him to travel the world with so much plastic wrapped around his wrist.

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[Deal Alert] Refurbished Sony Smartwatch 3 $99 On eBay

The first gen Android Wear devices are getting a little long in the tooth, but in the electronics world, with age comes a dramatic drop in price. The smartwatch I have worn daily for the past 9 months is the Sony Smartwatch 3, and I have to say, I don't really feel any need to replace it.

The watch has great battery life, WiFi, GPS, and while the transflective display isn't the prettiest, it sure is functional for outdoor use. The water resistance and silicone band keep me from worrying about damaging it while working in the hospital and MicroUSB charging makes it the easiest Android Wear device to top off when out of the house.

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Massive Battery Drain Still An Issue On The Smartwatch 3, Google And Sony Said A Fix Was In The Works Back In June

If you've got a Sony Smartwatch 3, then you probably already know about this issue: the watch gets hot, and the battery plummets. If you happen to not notice that the watch is in fact overheating, then the battery can easily go dead within a couple of hours, which is ridiculously annoying. As an owner of said smartwatch, I hate that some days I can hit the bed with 68% of my watch's battery life left, and others it's at 13% before 2:00PM.

Here's the thing, though: Google and Sony both know about this issue. It's been well documented in Google's Product Forums, and a Sony employee even posted on XDA with "possible fixes" for the drain issue, noting that Sony was looking into it.

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Sony Releases Smartwatch 3 Watch Face App In The Play Store

As we await the release of new Android Wear watches, we have time to reflect on all those first-gen wrist computers. The Sony Smartwatch 3 was actually a pretty neat device with its full microUSB and transflective LCD. It's getting a little cooler still today with an official companion app that adds three new watch faces.

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[Deal Alert] The Sony SmartWatch 3 Is $149.99 ($50 Off) With Free Shipping At Expansys

These days you can probably find someone to give you an Android Wear device, if you're not too picky about which model you select. But if you've had your heart set on Sony's latest take on the smartwatch, now's the time to bust out your wallet. Online retailer Expansys is selling the SmartWatch 3 for $149.99 on its American storefront. The listing says it's 50% off, but the Sony Store and Google Store are selling the standard SW3 for $200, so it's more like 50 bucks off of the standard price.


According to Ryan Whitwam's review, the SmartWatch 3 isn't the best all-around Android Wear device available, but it's a great choice if you want long battery life.

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[Deal Alert] Sony SmartWatch 3 Available For $169.99 On Ebay Daily Deals- Lowest Price Ever

The Sony Smartwatch 3 is one of the most compelling options among currently available Android Wear devices. Its comfort, water resistant body, great outdoor visibility, and inclusion of features such as GPS and NFC set it apart as the best Android Wear option for fitness and outdoor enthusiasts.

If the compelling features weren't enough to entice you before, a new low price may increase the watch's attraction. The SW3 is currently available on Ebay Daily Deals for just $169.99. That’s $80 dollars off retail and $30 lower than it has ever been listed before. In other words — it’s a freaking steal!

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One Month Later, Sony's Metal SmartWatch 3 Is Still MIA In The US

One month ago, Sony announced the stainless steel version of its SmartWatch 3 Wear device would be hitting stores within a week. Then it just didn't. Here we are a month later with nothing to show for it. What gives, Sony?


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Sony's Stainless Steel SmartWatch 3 Is Going On Sale This Week, Custom Holder Kit Still A Few Weeks Out

Sony announced the stainless steel version of its SmartWatch 3 at CES last month, saying that it would be on sale in February. Here we are smack in the middle of February and Sony is apparently making good. The metal SmartWatch 3 is going to be available globally this very week.


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