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Samsung's new router has a built-in SmartThings Hub and supports mesh networking

Some people want to deal with as few devices as possible - especially when it comes to their home network. If you happen to need a router, and also use anything in the SmartThings ecosystem, Samsung has just the product for you.

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Wink Hub 2 review: Powerful home automation made approachable and fun

I bought an apartment in October. You can imagine the joy at the thought that it'd be my future family's home, terror at the sight of the mortgage value on the signed contract, and all the excitement about getting to set up a house from scratch. I could pick everything that I loved from design to materials to colors to organization, and yes, also automation.

I wanted lights that turn on when the doors open, A/C units that cool the place when I'm coming home and the outside heat is too much to bear, cameras that catch intruders the moment they are detected, a washing machine that notifies me when the load is done, colored lights that coordinate with whatever I'm watching on TV, blinds that open and close with the sunset and sunrise, and much more.

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[Deal Alert] Samsung SmartThings Hub v2 only $50 ($50 off) on Amazon

Samsung's SmartThings is one of the most popular smart home product lines. The company has developed outlets, light bulbs, sensors, and more all designed to work seamlessly together. Tying everything together is the SmartThings Hub, which acts as the bridge between your smart devices and your home's internet connection. Now you can get the second-generation SmartThings Hub (the latest model) for $50 on Amazon, half off the original $100 price tag.

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[Deal Alert] Samsung SmartThings Hub 25% off on Amazon, now $74.99

There are plenty of companies building smart hubs for your home, but it's safe to say that SmartThings, which was bought by Samsung, is one of the most popular. That's not only due to the wide range of connectivity options it has, like both ZigBee and Z-Wave, and the 10-hour backup battery life, but also thanks to the big number of smart home gadgets that are compatible with it. Even better, the community is very active and usually figures out a way, whenever technically possible, to add compatibility to brands and accessories that aren't supported officially.

One of the last companies to integrate with SmartThings is Google and its Google Home speaker / voice control hub.

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Google Home available on 4th of November for $129, pre-order from today

Google Home was announced earlier this year at I/O, and since then we've heard little about the product itself. Today at the #madebygoogle event, Google has released all the details, including price, shipping date, more about its abilities, and when you can pre-order it (i.e. throw your money at Google).

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Google Home will work with SmartThings out of the box

Google's new smart home hub, Google Home, will work with the Samsung-owned SmartThings platform out of the box, according to a source familiar with the companies' plans. We trust the quality of this information implicitly, so consider this rumor a '10' on the confidence scale, barring some sort of delay that leads to Google postponing the announcement.

Google Home would probably be near-dead on arrival without compatibility for some common smart home technology, and aside from Nest (for which we assume Home compatibility is a given), SmartThings is one of the most obvious choices. SmartThings hub devices work with a wide variety of smart home products, and making Google Home compatible with this platform will ensure that SmartThings users have another, non-Echo option for a smart home assistant and speaker device.

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[Deal Alert] Save 20% On All SmartThings Products As Part Of Spring Sale

When you connect something to Wi-Fi, it becomes a smart thing. When you connect multiples, they become smart things. SmartThings took this concept to heart and made this the name of the company and its products. SmartThings makes things that make your home smarter by transmitting data over Wi-Fi.

To kick off spring, SmartThings is selling all of its products for 20% off.

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[Deal Alert] Grab The Samsung SmartThings Hub And Outlet Bundle For $35 Off

Stop me if you've heard this before, but there's a chance that connecting things to the Internet can make them more convenient to use. I know, it's quite the idea.

Gadget makers are already turning that idea into a product you can buy. Take the stuff SmartThings makes. "Smart" outlets let you toggle things that you plug into the wall, such as lamps and fans. And that's hardly all. A single hub controls everything, and you can interact with that device using your smartphone.

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[Deal Alert] Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit Reduced To $199.99 ($50 Off) Until February 20th

Surveillance is a tricky subject. Are you comfortable with a world where you increasingly pass by cameras wherever you go? Maybe not. But at the same time, having a security camera can be a way to keep your home safe. While some of us wrestle with that philosophical dilemma, I will point others toward the Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit.

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Samsung's 2016 Smart TVs Will Also Serve As SmartThings Hubs

In 2016, Samsung wants you to make one of its new Smart TVs the center of your smart home (assuming your home is smart, that is). The company has announced that each of its upcoming models will be able to connect to other Samsung devices and serve as SmartThings hubs, allowing them to connect to all SmartThing-compatible devices.

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