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Samsung's Connect Tag is a low-power cellular tracker that only needs to be charged once a week

Samsung is releasing a new type of tracking tag that can be attached to just about anything and offers smart location notifications over cellular. The Connect Tag was announced yesterday and is the first of its kind to use narrowband network technology (NB-IoT, Cat.M1). This means it can connect to the internet without consuming too much power, leading to a battery life of up to 7 days on a single charge.

The tag can utilize GPS, WPS, and Cell ID to accurately determine location before relaying it to your phone. It will link up with Samsung's SmartThings hub, and its geo-fence feature can be used to trigger certain actions when the two are in close proximity.

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SmartThings announces home security system with ADT monitoring

Samsung isn't going to let Nest run away with the DIY home security market just yet. On October 29th, Samsung SmartThings will begin selling a home security starter kit that you can deploy yourself. Whereas Nest is offering professional monitoring from MONI, SmartThings is partnering with ADT to give its home security system some teeth.

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[Update: Only $15 from Samsung] The SmartThings Link for NVIDIA SHIELD is up for pre-order

At the launch of the second-generation NVIDIA SHIELD, we heard about several accessory devices that would work with the main hardware, but they haven't all come to fruition. Remember the NVIDIA Spot? That's still MIA, but the promised Samsung SmartThings Link has popped up on Amazon for pre-order.

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SmartThings implements a fix for its recently buggy integration with Google Home

If you have a SmartThings hub and a Google Home, you may have noticed that the two haven't been playing nice together since July. The issue was brought to our attention when we covered the SmartThings Hub 50% off deal a couple of days ago, and as I understand it (I don't have an ST hub myself), it seems that many users noticed that devices already added by SmartThings in Google Home either weren't operational anymore or that when they tried to do the integration for the first time, Google Home would import all their smart devices without giving them the choice to pick or exclude.

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[Deal Alert] Samsung SmartThings Hub v2 is down 50% to $49.99

Some of you might have noticed a new banner on the Google Home app in the Discover tab advertizing a deal on the SmartThings Hub. Luckily, that discount works regardless of whether you go through the banner or simply shop for the smart hub online, so you don't need a special link to save some dollars: it's half-off on several sites.

The Samsung SmartThings Hub v2 is a small square-shaped gadget that plugs into your router and acts as a middleman between your different smart gadgets. It connects to Z-Wave sensors and lights and locks, ZigBee lights, many WiFi devices, and it even has Bluetooth connectivity.

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[Deal Alert] Huge sale for Samsung SmartThings and ZigBee Home Automation gear at MyDigitalDiscount

There's a fantastic sale for home automation gear going on today. Over at My Digital Discount right now you can pick up a handful of smart connected motion sensors, outlets, thermostats, locks, and a whole package of the lot together in a quick start bundle. Prices range from 60% off to 76% off, which is a tremendous savings. All the items are for Samsung's SmartThings / ZigBee, so if you don't run a system that will work with their stuff, you're out of luck. 

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Samsung updates SmartThings app, adds tablet support and new dashboard experience

Samsung's entry in the home automation, monitoring and security space is SmartThings. It consists of a connected hub (that you can pick up for around a $100 at present) and various additional sensors and accessories you can hook up to it, depending on your needs. It's all controlled by the SmartThings Mobile app, which has mostly mixed reviews on the Play Store but is now getting what appears to be a significant update.

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Samsung's new router has a built-in SmartThings Hub and supports mesh networking

Some people want to deal with as few devices as possible - especially when it comes to their home network. If you happen to need a router, and also use anything in the SmartThings ecosystem, Samsung has just the product for you.

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Wink Hub 2 review: Powerful home automation made approachable and fun

I bought an apartment in October. You can imagine the joy at the thought that it'd be my future family's home, terror at the sight of the mortgage value on the signed contract, and all the excitement about getting to set up a house from scratch. I could pick everything that I loved from design to materials to colors to organization, and yes, also automation.

I wanted lights that turn on when the doors open, A/C units that cool the place when I'm coming home and the outside heat is too much to bear, cameras that catch intruders the moment they are detected, a washing machine that notifies me when the load is done, colored lights that coordinate with whatever I'm watching on TV, blinds that open and close with the sunset and sunrise, and much more.

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[Deal Alert] Samsung SmartThings Hub v2 only $50 ($50 off) on Amazon

Samsung's SmartThings is one of the most popular smart home product lines. The company has developed outlets, light bulbs, sensors, and more all designed to work seamlessly together. Tying everything together is the SmartThings Hub, which acts as the bridge between your smart devices and your home's internet connection. Now you can get the second-generation SmartThings Hub (the latest model) for $50 on Amazon, half off the original $100 price tag.

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