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Samsung will consolidate all its smart devices under the SmartThings app with a huge upcoming overhaul in Q1 2018

This is great news. No, scratch that. This is fantastic news. Samsung is doing the right thing, finally.

If you've bought into the company's smart home efforts previously, you may have noticed a disparate selection of apps to control each one, like Samsung Connect, Samsung Smart Home, and SmartThings. This made no sense except than to show clearly how separate each department is inside the company. But that's no more. As announced at CES, Samsung plans to consolidate "more than 40 apps, including Samsung Connect, (...) into the SmartThings app." 40 apps, yikes... and yes!

But there's more good news for those of you who joined in the Samsung / SmartThings ecosystem.

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[Deal Alert] Samsung SmartThings Hub v2 is down 50% to $49.99

Some of you might have noticed a new banner on the Google Home app in the Discover tab advertizing a deal on the SmartThings Hub. Luckily, that discount works regardless of whether you go through the banner or simply shop for the smart hub online, so you don't need a special link to save some dollars: it's half-off on several sites.

The Samsung SmartThings Hub v2 is a small square-shaped gadget that plugs into your router and acts as a middleman between your different smart gadgets. It connects to Z-Wave sensors and lights and locks, ZigBee lights, many WiFi devices, and it even has Bluetooth connectivity.

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Google Home will work with SmartThings out of the box

Google's new smart home hub, Google Home, will work with the Samsung-owned SmartThings platform out of the box, according to a source familiar with the companies' plans. We trust the quality of this information implicitly, so consider this rumor a '10' on the confidence scale, barring some sort of delay that leads to Google postponing the announcement.

Google Home would probably be near-dead on arrival without compatibility for some common smart home technology, and aside from Nest (for which we assume Home compatibility is a given), SmartThings is one of the most obvious choices. SmartThings hub devices work with a wide variety of smart home products, and making Google Home compatible with this platform will ensure that SmartThings users have another, non-Echo option for a smart home assistant and speaker device.

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[Deal Alert] Grab The Samsung SmartThings Hub And Outlet Bundle For $35 Off

Stop me if you've heard this before, but there's a chance that connecting things to the Internet can make them more convenient to use. I know, it's quite the idea.

Gadget makers are already turning that idea into a product you can buy. Take the stuff SmartThings makes. "Smart" outlets let you toggle things that you plug into the wall, such as lamps and fans. And that's hardly all. A single hub controls everything, and you can interact with that device using your smartphone.

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SmartThings Updates Android App With New Interface And Smart Home Monitor To Accompany The Official Launch Of Its 2nd Gen Hub

SmartThings users have the luxury of controlling a large number of things from a single spot—their phones. That means the app SmartThings relies on must be pretty good, or the entire experience falls to pieces. To coincide with the formal release of its second generation Hub (which went on pre-order last month), the company is now pushing out an update to its Android app.

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Alexa, Guess What—Amazon Echo Is Now Compatible With SmartThings

Dear hyper-connected gadget lover who happens to own both a SmartThings Hub (or some of the company's many other products) and an Amazon Echo, these devices can now talk to one another.

This is pretty cool, and here's why. If you have your hub controlling a bunch of other devices, you can now use Amazon's device to boss them around. Alexa, turn on the television. Alexa, turn off the lamp. Alexa, have your way with whatever else is plugged into my SmartThings Power Outlet (okay, maybe this command won't work exactly as written).

Maybe you're seeing this and you're thinking: Gee, maybe I'd like one of these Echo things after all.

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