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Trek is a portable motorized slider for smartphones and GoPros, Indiegogo pre-orders available for one more week

Have you ever wondered how people make those timelapse videos where the view from the camera smoothly drifts from one point to another? These are done with a piece of gear called a motorized slider. They're generally large, unwieldy, and limited by unfriendly user controls. Enter Trek, a modular, motorized slider designed for smartphones, GoPros, and other lightweight cameras. It's app-controlled for easier use and more advanced routines than many other sliders.

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Oppo figured out how to shove 5x lossless zoom into a phone without the camera bump

Oppo showed off some impressive camera innovations at MWC. Dubbed "5x Dual Camera Zoom," the breakthrough allows for 5x lossless zoom in a camera module that is only 5.7mm thick. That means little to no camera bump, in theory. The Chinese OEM is calling this the world's first "periscope style dual-camera technology."

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Weekend Poll: Do You Shoot Images In RAW/DNG On Your Smartphone Camera?

Most high-end and even a number of mid-range Android smartphones today allow you to capture images with the rear camera in the "RAW" DNG format. The reason for this feature's existence has always been a bit befuddling to me, personally, though. While I can understand why a professional photographer found camera-less in a situation where an image absolutely must be captured and is forced to use their smartphone would want to use RAW capture, that's a hell of a niche use case.

The reason we most often hear is that RAW images are "better" for editing, which in and of itself I find myself grappling with.

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