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The Latest Xbox One SmartGlass Beta (3.16) Tweaks The User Interface And Adds A Few More Options

Microsoft's SmartGlass app is a smartphone-based manager for the Xbox One, and it gets some surprisingly frequent love from the developers for a product intended for a direct Google competitor. The latest beta version is a significant bump, 2.4 to 3.16, though the changes aren't immediately obvious beyond a few cosmetic adjustments. The new user interface moves quite a few elements around, and if it isn't completely "material" then at least Microsoft is trying to make it look like an Android app instead of a tiny Xbox window.

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Xbox One SmartGlass Beta Updated To Turn On/Off The Console Using Android App And Stream Live TV In More Countries

Microsoft has pushed out an update to the SmartGlass beta app that lets users turn their Xbox One consoles on and off from their Android devices. This way you can start streaming content directly to your tablet without having to reach for a separate controller beforehand.

Microsoft says this was one of the most fan requested features, and it's easy to imagine why. The functionality was mentioned in a blog post yesterday highlighting upcoming Xbox features for the console and Windows.

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Xbox One SmartGlass Beta Update Focuses On Game Clips, Achievements, Activity Feed Comments, And More

When it comes to pushing pixels and providing deeply immersive experiences, consoles have a leg up over Android devices. But this doesn't mean that phones or tablets don't have a role to play in couch-based gaming. Xbox One SmartGlass users can turn to the Android app as a way to manage their Xbox account and interact with others without having to back out of their game.

An update has rolled out to the SmartGlass app, which is still in beta, that gives users a place to highlight their best game clips, show off their achievements, or share their location.

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Xbox One SmartGlass Beta Updated With Support For TV Streaming, Gameplay Recording, And More

Microsoft has two versions of its Xbox One SmartGlass app in the Play Store—regular and beta. The beta app is getting an update today with some previously announced (and pretty neat) functionality. However, you'll only get the full effect if you're in a supported country, which for once is not the US.


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Future Xbox One Update Will Soon Let You Stream TV To The SmartGlass Android App, Coming First To Europe

A number of new and interesting features are headed towards the Xbox One, but I'm going to ignore most of them. What has caught out attention is the ability to stream TV to Android devices using the SmartGlass app. The feature will join the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner in coming to various European countries in the months ahead. It will allow users to stream TV to other smartphones and tablets while continuing to play games on the Xbox One.

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Xbox One SmartGlass Beta App Updated With Ability To Purchase Games Remotely And Other New Features

Microsoft may have its own smartphone platform, but when so many Xbox gamers walk around with Android phones in their pockets, it would be a shame to ignore them (or their wallets). So the company has rolled out another update to its Xbox One SmartGlass beta app, and this one introduces the ability to purchase games and add-ons for the console remotely. It's a nice feature for people who have run out to buy an Xbox One with or without Kinect.

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[New App] Microsoft Releases A Separate Beta Version Of The Xbox One SmartGlass App

Microsoft and Google are ostensibly competitors, but Redmond seems to be setting aside its mobile aspirations in the name of supporting its new game console... and considering all the money in gaming, it's easy to understand why. So in addition to both Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of the official SmartGlass app, there's now a separate beta build of the Xbox One app.

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The beta version was introduced to help test a series of incoming features, which are outlined in this post on Microsoft's official Xbox portal.

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Xbox SmartGlass App Updated With Support For Tablets Larger Than 7", Always-On State

A few months ago, Microsoft announced the SmartGlass app for Xbox, a companion application that allows you to navigate and control your console from your phone or, up until recently, 7" tablets. Now, version 1.5 has rolled out that adds support for larger slates. Including 10" devices like the Nexus 10, which is kind of great.

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On a larger tablet, the UI actually doesn't look much different from the interface on the TV itself, so it's extremely intuitive.

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[New App] Microsoft Xbox SmartGlass Released: Cross-Platform Goodness For Console Gamers

There's a startling amount of crossover between people who use Android for their mobile needs and Windows and Xbox for their desktop and console gaming. The SmartGlass app has been a definite hit for Xbox 360 users who also have Windows Phone 7 devices... all eight of them. Now Android users can join the fun: Microsoft's released the official SmartGlass app for Android, available for free in the Play Store.

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If you're not familiar with SmartGlass, it controls just about every aspect of the media-friendly Xbox 360 aside from actual game control.

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