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The Moto 360 Display May Have A Problem With 'Image Persistence' From The Charging Screen

Motorola chose to go with an LCD panel for the Moto 360, which should mean no problems with burn-in like you'd see on an AMOLED. However, a few users have started reporting something that looks an awful lot like burn-in. What we're probably seeing is image persistence, which can sometimes happen to LCDs. While annoying, it's not as bad as AMOLED burn-in.


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Motorola May Be Planning New Colors For The Moto 360, Including Gold

Motorola currently offers the Moto 360 in silver and black colors, but what if you want something a little more blingy? The company posted a promo image recently that piqued everyone's interest as it showed what is clearly a gold Moto 360. When we asked about it, Motorola was all like "what watch?"

1 2 3

Left to right: original image with gold watch, immediately after we contacted Moto, and a little while later

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Facer Is Fast Becoming The De Facto Custom Watch Face Maker For Android Wear

There still isn't an official API for custom Android Wear watch faces, but there are plenty of them in the Play Store anyway. If none of those strike your fancy, perhaps because they don't account for the taller peek cards, Facer could be just what you want. This app lets you build and edit watch faces and sync them over to the watch in a snap. There's also a fast-growing community of users posting some really awesome designs.

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Moto 360 Review: Better Than You Feared, Worse Than You Hoped

From the very first day Android Wear was in the news, the Moto 360 has been "the one to wait for." Every time we posted a story about the G Watch or the Gear Live, the comments were populated with no fewer than a million people declaring their intention to wait for Motorola's round smartwatch. Well, the wait was a bit longer than expected, but the Moto 360 has finally arrived.

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14 Best Android Wear Apps And Watch Faces From 8/23/14 – 9/8/14

The time has finally arrived for the Moto 360 to begin appearing on wrists around the world continental US. With so many people finally taking the Android Wear plunge, the interest in wearable apps is probably going to take off. Whether you've got corners on your watch or not, we've got the best new apps aggregated right here.

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Verizon Has The Moto 360 With Metal Band Up For Pre-Order, Estimated Delivery Date November 11th

We knew Motorola was planning to sell the Moto 360 with a metal band later this fall, but Verizon already has a pre-order page up. That's the good news. The not so good news is that it won't ship until November 11th, according to the site. Ouch.

2014-09-08 04_16_28-Moto 360 with Metal Band _ Verizon Wireless - Verizon Wireless

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Moto 360 Orders Are Already Shipping From Motorola [Update: Best Buy Too]

If you were lucky enough to get an order placed for the Moto 360 on Motorola's website before they went out of stock, keep an eye on your email. Motorola has already gotten some orders out the door at its Texas facility, with an expected arrival date of Tuesday, September 9th.

2014-09-05 23.41.29

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[Update: Working Again] You Can Buy A Moto 360 From Motorola Right Now Using These Links

Update: It appears the links are working, and the watches are showing In Stock once again after an overnight hiatus. Order away, folks!

The Moto 360 is supposed to go on sale in the U.S. at noon ET September 5th (that's tomorrow if you're reading this as it's posted). However, it appears that you can add the two available variants to your cart and checkout with the right links, which we are happy to provide.

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Top 5 Essential Android Wear Apps

So you've just picked up an Android Wear device, but what the heck can you do with this tiny wrist computer? Sure, it pulls in notification from your phone and shows you Google Now cards, but you need some apps too. It can be a challenge to navigate the Play Store in search of the best watch apps, but we've been keeping a close eye on things. Here are the five apps every Android Wear device needs to have installed. 

Wear Mini Launcher

I simply cannot imagine using Android Wear without Wear Mini Launcher.

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Shower Wear Brings A Better Lock Screen To Android Wear

Any miniscule tap will wake up an Android Wear watch and make it start doing stuff, and there's no lock screen option built-in. Baby Time was one of the first Wear apps that sought to solve this, but Shower Wear is on another level. It's like the standard Android lock screen, but it's on your watch.

77 66 88

44 55

We've been testing Shower Wear recently to see how it works in practice (we listed it in the last Roundup too).

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