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LG Starts Shipping Tiny Hexagonal Batteries That Offer 25% More Storage Capacity In Round Smart Watches

Square batteries are fine for square things, but the latest craze is round watches, which means lots of wasted space on the inside. That's a bummer when we're already struggling to keep watches running for more than a day. However, LG Chem says it has leveraged new manufacturing techniques to produce hexagonal batteries that can cram as much as 25% more power into a watch.


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LG Watch Urbane Is Now Available In The Google Store For $349, Shipping To The US, UK, Australia, And More

LG's round watch do-over just went live in the Google Store, and it can be yours for the Apple-esque price of $350. The LG Watch Urbane looks like a smoother, more attractive G Watch R, but that'll cost you an extra $50 apparently (launch prices). It's available in a number of countries, but it won't leave the warehouse for a few days yet.

2015-04-27 17_25_11-LG Watch Urbane - Gold or Silver - Google Store

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Sony Says Upcoming Android Wear 5.1 Update Will Also Include Adjustable Font Size And 'Pop-Up Notifications'

Google announced a new update for Android Wear earlier today, but it conveniently failed to tell us the version number. While I'm sure we all assumed it would be 5.1, Sony has confirmed that and added a few more things Google apparently forgot to tell us.


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Google Announces Android Wear Update With WiFi Support, Always-On Apps, And More

It has been a while since Android Wear got any substantial updates, but today Google is announcing a big one. A new version of Wear will be rolling out over the coming weeks that includes a number of previously rumored features (like WiFi support) and some all new stuff (like always-on apps).


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[Update: Charger Now Shipping] Yellow Sony SmartWatch 3 Strap And ZenWatch Charger (Coming Soon) Appear In Google Store


Google, TAG Heuer, And Intel Walk Into A Bar And Decide To Design An Android Wear Smart Watch

From the earliest days of Android Wear, there have been those waiting for a traditional watchmaker to get in on the fun. Today appears to be the day. Google, TAG Heuer, and Intel have announced a partnership to design an Android Wear watch powered by an Intel chip.


No, this isn't the actual watch

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One Month Later, Sony's Metal SmartWatch 3 Is Still MIA In The US

One month ago, Sony announced the stainless steel version of its SmartWatch 3 Wear device would be hitting stores within a week. Then it just didn't. Here we are a month later with nothing to show for it. What gives, Sony?


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The Next Android Wear Update Will Reportedly Include Wi-Fi Support, Gesture Control, And Easier Access To Apps/Contacts

In the wake of Apple's big watch announcement, Google is wasting no time talking about what it has planned for its more mature Wear platform. In the next update to Wear, Google will deploy a feature we've been anticipating for some time, as well as some previously unexpected additions.


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30 Best Android Wear Apps And Watch Faces From 1/30/15—3/9/15

It's been about a year since Android Wear was announced, and here we are with a few watches and a ton of apps and faces. I hear there's some other company that announced a smartwatch recently. I think they usually sell fruit or something. Whatever, we're here to talk about all the cool new stuff you can do with your Android Wear watch. So here are the best new apps and watch faces that have come to Wear in the last few weeks.

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[Deal Alert] LG G Watch R On Sale For $269.99 ($30 Off) Through Groupon

It's getting to be that time. The first-generation Android Wear watches are officially old, and everyone is anticipating shiny new watches with updated hardware. That means the old ones are going to start showing up on sale more often. You can get the G Watch R from Groupon for $269.99 right now, $30 off the regular price.

2015-03-03 10_21_24-LG G Watch R Android Smartwatch _ Groupon

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