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Fossil Q Founder Review: Good Watch, Mediocre Smart Watch

Until now, all the Android Wear watches you could buy were made by technology firms moonlighting as watchmakers, but now there's the Fossil Q Founder. This is the first widely available Android Wear smart watch designed by a company that makes regular watches. In some ways it looks more like a real watch than any of the others, but there are also some design concessions that remind you Fossil is new to the whole wearables thing.

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[Ho Ho Ho] 5 Christmas Watch Faces To Make Your Wrist More Jolly

The holiday season is upon us, and for many that means Christmas trees, candy canes, and other related whatnots. This year, why not spruce up your wrist with a nice holiday-themed watch face? Don't look at me like that, just because you're that nerd with a smart watch doesn't mean you can't be festive. Here are five Christmas watch faces that are worth checking out.

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AT&T NumberSync Now Live On Samsung Gear S2, Available For $99 With Contract

AT&T announced NumberSync a few weeks ago, and now the first wearable device with support for the feature is ready. The Gear S2, which already launched, can now work on the same line as your smartphone thanks to NumberSync. AT&T is offering the Gear S2 for $99 on a two-year contract as well.

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The Fossil Q Founder Android Wear Watch Is On Sale In The Google Store For $295

The Fossil Q Founder is important for a few reasons. It's the first Intel-powered Android Wear device and the first one designed by a real watchmaker to actually go on sale. Fossil started selling it a few days ago, and now it's available for purchase direct from the Google Store. Google says it should ship in 1-2 days, which is about as fast as things get there.

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30 Best Android Wear Apps And Watch Faces From 9/15/15—12/2/15

Remember when we had watches that didn't run apps? What dark days those were. Of course, now we have the problem of finding good apps for our watches. Google doesn't really make it easy to find everything with Android Wear support, but that's what these little (big) roundups are all about. Here are all the best Android Wear apps and watch faces we've come across recently.

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Fossil Q Founder Android Wear Watch Now On Sale For $295

All the Android Wear watches you've been able to purchase so far have been made by technology firms moonlighting as watchmakers. The Fossil Q Founder is the first one that's the other way around. It looks like a more traditional Fossil watch, but the Q Founder runs Android Wear. You can buy it today for $295, which seems less insane than the $1500 price tag for the Tag Heuer watch.

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Huawei Watch vs. Moto 360 v2: Which One Belongs On Your Wrist?

The first few Android Wear watches from mid-2014 were watches in name only. They were really more like tiny screens strapped to your wrist that told the time. The design of Android Wear devices has evolved significantly since then, and now there are some that look like honest-to-goodness watches. The second gen Moto 360 and Huawei Watch are the most watch-like so far, but they aren't cheap. Let's see how they compare so you can (maybe) pick up the right one for you.

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Moto 360 (2015) Review: The Most Watch-Like Android Wear Device Yet

Motorola kicked off the age of Android Wear when it announced the original 360 more than six months before it was finally released. It was a beautiful piece of hardware, but was saddled with an ancient TI OMAP ARM chip and recessed lugs that led to cracked back panels. The second generation device addresses many of the shortcomings of that wearable, but some of them are still staring you in the face. Still, it might be the watch you've been waiting for.

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Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch Launches In The US Today [Update]

Samsung's latest smart watch is hitting shelves today, but it's not Android Wear. Samsung is forging ahead with its Tizen-based Gear line with the Gear S2. This is Samsung's first round smart watch with a full circle display (none of that flat tire nonsense). Listings are still hard to come by, but expect the Gear S2 to pop up throughout the day. In addition the the US, the Gear S2 is launching in Germany, Singapore, and Korea.

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Asus ZenWatch 2 Review: The First True Entry-Level Android Wear Watch [Update: Small Version Comparison]

The original Asus ZenWatch was one of my favorite first-generation Wear devices because it had a slick design and competitive price ($200). It wasn't perfect, but it offered a good alternative to expensive devices like the G Watch R. The ZenWatch 2 is going to hit shelves in a few days, and at first glance it's very much like its predecessor.

Asus actually made a number of notable changes, but not all of them are positive. At the same time, the price is very attractive and there are two size options—the large one starts at $129.99 and the smaller will be $149.99.

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