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Smart Lock's 'Trusted Face' mode is broken on Android Q Beta 6, but there's a fix

All the way back in Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google added a 'Trusted Face' mode to Smart Unlock, giving all devices a slightly-secure way of unlocking with the front camera (the easily-fooled face unlock in Android 4.0 doesn't count). However, many people on the latest Android Q beta are having issues with it. If you're in that group, don't worry, there's a fix you can try.

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[Lollipop Feature Spotlight] Press The Lock Icon When Using Smart Lock To Require A Manual Unlock Next Time

The Lollipop Smart Lock functionality is pretty cool. You can have the phone stay unlocked when it's connected to a trusted Bluetooth device, in range of a certain NFC tag, or when it sees a trusted face (presumably yours). Trusted Face mode in particular is quite cool, but it's not necessarily as secure as a PIN or pattern lock. You can, however, temporarily switch to the secure lock screen with a single tap.


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