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C by GE's new smart wall switches and dimmers don't need a hub or neutral wire

C by GE's products are known to work well with Google Assistant — the company even sells a light bulb starter kit with a bundled Google Home Mini. This year at CES, C by GE is expanding its lineup with new switches, dimmers, and motion sensors that don't need a neutral wire nor an additional hub to work with the Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

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Grab a pair of TP-Link 3-way smart light switches for $45 ($15 off)

Sure, you've been reading about smart home stuff. Think maybe it's time to jump in, adopting (well, almost literally) a laissez-faire approach to lighting controls? This could be your chance, at minimal cost and with no fancy electrical wiring required.

This TP-Link kit contains a pair of 3-way wall switches that you can control manually — the relatives will like that — or remotely. TP-Link says they work with any device using Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, or some 3rd-party home platforms (e.g.: IFTTT, Nest).

[We pause, here, to note the absence of Apple's HomeKit.]

TP-Link switches get mostly happy reviews on Amazon, with this kit averaging 4.2 stars.

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