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Google Assistant adds native support for Rachio, LeakSmart, and other sprinklers and leak detectors

Google Assistant is growing ever more useful with bazillions of actions and abilities. What makes it really powerful is its integration with smart home tech, allowing us to control our houses with nothing but our voice. While more and more categories of home automation products are natively supported by the Assistant, others have to be specifically addressed by saying "Ok Google, ask [some device] to [do some action]." Until recently, sprinklers and pipe leak detectors fell into the latter category, but now, Google has announced that several companies have added native Assistant integration, starting with Rachio, Rain Bird, LeakSmart, and Flo by Moen.

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Rachio announces its Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller with hyperlocal weather support for $249

There aren't a lot of people that get excited about sprinkler systems, but with how much we dig on smart home hardware, we're some of them. That's why we're excited to announce that Rachio has just announced its third generation automated sprinkler hardware. The new Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller improves on the 2nd generation model by adding upgraded hyperlocal weather, dual-band Wi-Fi support, easy-press connectors for seamless installation, extra hardware controls, and compatibility with the new Rachio 3 Wireless Flow Meter. It'll run you $249 (Update: now $229) for a limited time, and pre-orders are open today.

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Rachio's app redesign for 3.0 brings a tabbed UI and more functionality to boot

Here at AP, we're big fans of Rachio's smart sprinkler system (well, at least Artem is). Rachio has just taken the wraps off its 3.0 update, which improves the app both in terms of looks and features. Those features include improvements to Remote control, Quick Run, Weather Intelligence, and scheduling.

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[Deal Alert] 8- and 16-zone Rachio 2nd-gen Smart Sprinkler Controllers on Woot for $125 and $155 ($75/$105 off)

Having a nice lawn goes a long way in terms of how people see your house, but many people don't know or don't have time for proper sprinkling schedules and such. Luckily, Woot is running a discount on the 8-zone and 16-zone second-gen Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllers for $124.99 and $154.99, respectively. Woot has hosted these deals several times before, though these are the lowest prices we've seen thus far.

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[Deal Alert] 8 and 16 zone Rachio 2nd generation smart sprinkler controllers on Woot for $145 and $175 ($55/$85 off)

If you missed this deal the last time we saw it (as many of you did), not only is it back, but it's now slightly better. Over at the popular daily deals site Woot you can pick up the Rachio smart sprinkler controller in both the 8 and 16 zone varieties for just $144.99 and $174.99, respectively. It turns out that, in addition to flying electric cars, the future also includes well-manicured lawns. 

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[Deal Alert] Amazon's Alexa Deals include a ton of discounts on home automation products

In the wake of Prime Day, Amazon is running a set of "Alexa Deals" that can only be accessed by Prime members via voice commands given to Alexa. Most of the offers are pretty pedestrian, things like gum, snacks, and batteries, but there are a few good ones our readers might enjoy. If you are interested in home automation, you can pick up a ton of stuff, like Philips Hue starter kit, smart plugs, a wireless Lutron starter kit, a touchscreen Schlage deadbolt, and more. 

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[Deal Alert] Woot has the 8- and 16-zone Rachio 2nd gen smart sprinkler controllers for $150/$180 ($50/$80 off)

The smarthome has a whole encompasses a great many elements. One of the ones often forgotten in our love of light bulbs, outlets, and cameras is the sprinkler control system. For those of you that this might appeal to, you should check out the deal that Woot is running on the Rachio 2nd generation 8- and 16-zone controllers; the former is $149.99 and the latter is $179.99, which means that the savings are $50 and $80, respectively.

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