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Google Home Max drops to $250 ($50 off) just in time to rattle the windows at your holiday party

The Google Home Max, with its impressive volume and audio quality, represents the company's top-tier entry into the smart speaker market. High-end audio products are rarely affordably priced, and the Google Home Max was no exception when it launched at $400 back in 2017. Since then, the Home Max has had its price permanently cut by $100, and buyers can now save an additional $50 when picking up this beast of a smart speaker for only $250 at retailers including Best Buy, B&H, and, of course, Google's online store.

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[Update: Both colors] JBL's biggest, loudest smart speaker is just $150 right now ($300 off MSRP)

In what is probably the biggest deal we'll spot this week, JBL's massive, Assistant-powered Link 500 smart speaker has been discounted to just $150. That's $300 off compared to the $450 MSRP, but there are two catches: Only the white model is on sale (black is still full-price at $450), and you have to buy it through JBL's storefront.

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Today only: Turn your Google Home into a portable speaker with the Ninety7 Battery Base for $20 ($30 off)

When I bought my Google Home, I wanted to be able to listen to music in different rooms without having to buy several speakers. Unfortunately, such a solution wasn't available back then, so I opted for a Home Mini coupled with a portable Wi-Fi speaker instead. Thankfully, there are plenty of options on the market today that make your Google Home portable, and thanks to this deal on Ninety7 battery base, you'll be able to do just that for only $20.

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New Amazon Echo and Echo Dot with clock smart speakers are available for purchase

A couple of weeks ago, Amazon unveiled a bunch of new smart speakers, including the all-new Echo, as well as a refreshed Echo Dot that features a built-in LED clock. Both devices are now available on the retailer's site, selling for $100 and $60, respectively.

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Photos of Nest Mini leak ahead of announcement, basically just a Home Mini with a hole in the bottom

Images of Google's upcoming Nest Mini, successor to the earlier Home Mini, have just leaked courtesy of the folks at WinFuture. Based on these images, you'd be forgiven for confusing the new speaker with the older model, since it basically looks the same, excluding a hole on the bottom for mounting it more easily on a wall.

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The Amazon Echo 2nd gen is just $70 right now ($50 off)

Amazon just introduced a metric truckload of new devices this week, so it shouldn't be too surprising that the company's feeling motivated to clear a little old stock.  Today we're checking out a sale that brings the price of the Amazon Echo 2nd gen smart home speaker down to just $70.

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Bose announces Portable Home Speaker with built-in Google Assistant and a battery

There are a lot of Assistant-powered smart speakers out there these days, but portable speakers with the same functionality and the benefit of a battery are less common, especially from higher-end brands. But today, Bose is announcing its new Portable Home Speaker, with both Google's Assistant and Amazon's Alexa built-in, plus AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect, all powered by a battery that lasts up to 12 hours. As a Bose product, sound quality is sure to please, though it comes with a Bose-appropriate $350 price tag.

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Google reportedly planning a new, louder 'Nest Mini' with 3.5mm jack, wall mount, and proximity awareness

Google's Home Mini smart speaker debuted all the way back in 2017, from which point it's worked its way into almost every cheap internet giveaway or coupon deal in the last two years. According to 9to5Google, a second-generation "Nest Mini" is planned, which will bring better audio quality, wall-mounting, "proximity awareness," and a 3.5mm jack — a feature even the hotly anticipated Pixel 4 doesn't have.

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Grab a Google Home Mini for less than $20 on Rakuten (60% off)

If you still haven't purchased a smart speaker or want to get an extra one, today's your lucky day, as Rakuten is running an offer that lets you get the Google Home Mini for just $20. This is even cheaper than the ongoing deal for $25 apiece, thanks to an additional 20% off.

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Weekend poll: How many smart speakers do you have?

Late last year, it was estimated that around a quarter of all US households had at least one smart speaker. Android Police readers were a bit ahead of the curve back in 2017, when almost half of you claimed to have one or more Google Home, and the Assistant is by far the most popular voice assistant among our audience. But today in 2019, with Prime Day's recent sales potentially making a difference, just how many smart speakers do you have?

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