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Google's upcoming Nest Audio speakers should cost less than $100

Google is poised to launch its new lineup of smart home products on September 30, and one of the new additions will be a smart speaker branded under the Nest Audio name. Earlier this summer we heard rumors about a premium Google Home successor and got an early, unflattering look when the device passed through the FCC. Google gifted us a video last month, and just a few days ago, the branding for the speaker was uncovered. Now we've got official product photos and some exclusive details to share.

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Google's new smart speakers will get Nest Audio branding

Google's next smart speaker has been in the works for a while now — we even have it on video. A teardown of the latest Google Home app has revealed one more new detail about the upcoming replacement for the original Google Home — and it's another step in the plan of moving Google Home products under Nest's wing.

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New Google Nest speaker tipped to launch end of August for around $100-120

Following those previous leaks, Google has taken a page out of its own book and shown us a glimpse of "what the Nest team is working on from home." The images (and video!) clearly depict the upcoming Nest Speaker, confirming the overall design we saw earlier today.

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Google teases Nest product announcement for July 13

The first photos of Google's upcoming Nest-branded smart speaker appeared on the website of a Japanese regulator a few days ago, and the company revealed a few images of the device later that day. We might learn more about the device very soon, as Google teased "something special" for July 13th.

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Get a second-gen Amazon Echo Plus for just $80, an all-time low

The Echo Plus is Amazon's high-end smart speaker, with improved sound and a built-in Zigbee hub over the base model. It's usually priced in the $100-150 range, but now you can get it for the lowest recorded price yet — $79.99.

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This is Google's upcoming Nest speaker, the successor to the original Google Home

The original air freshener-shaped Google Home speaker was announced a full four years ago, and we've long heard rumors of a successor with Nest branding in the same vein as other recent products. We're now getting what appears to be our first proper look at this new speaker, and boy does it have a weird shape.

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Messenger Rooms video calls are now available on Facebook Portal screens

Videoconferencing is all the rage right now and Facebook, like any other big industry name, naturally wants a bigger slice of the pie. In a bid to do that, the tech giant buckled down to make its Zoom-rival Messenger Rooms ubiquitous across its several social media platforms. Now, Facebook's much-maligned smart screens are also getting support for Rooms along with a bunch of accompanying features.

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Amazon’s Echo Studio speaker is down to $170 and comes with a free Hue bulb ($60 off)

If the Amazon Echo is not powerful enough, you should consider the higher-end Echo Studio. It was unveiled in September and is Amazon's answer to the Google Home Max. It's currently down to just $170 and comes with a free Hue bulb, which represents a $60 discount over the traditional MSRP.

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Google is building the premium Google Home we've all been asking for

According to a report by 9to5Google, a new Nest-branded speaker with the hardware name "prince" is on the horizon, seemingly to replace the now-discontinued original Google Home. Apart from its abstract existence, all we know is that it should pack a bit more thump than the previous model did — 9to5 puts it somewhere between the OG Home and the Home Max.

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Google is starting to treat third-party smart speakers as first-class citizens

Google has just announced a handful of changes that are rolling out to third-party Assistant speakers. As usual, some of these changes are old (Google loves to announce stuff way after it actually lands), and the very short version is that Google is opening up three important Assistant features to some third-party smart speakers.

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