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Kohler adds new products to its smart home lineup, includes showerhead with Alexa integration

Earlier today, Kohler announced new additions to its Smart Bathroom and Home Kitchen lineup. The offerings are highlighted by the Moxie showerhead with smart speaker integration, a must-have for anyone who enjoys singing in the shower. Other products include a new touchless faucet and a water purification system.

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IFTTT adds 9 new channels for Nokia Sleep, TxHash, Moodo, OhmConnect, and more

IFTTT continues to expand the realm of automation possibilities at its users' disposal. Over the past month or so, nine new channels have been added to the connect-everything service. Most of them will make your home smarter (or more pleasing to your olfactory receptors), while one connects a number of services to the Ethereum blockchain.

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The U by Moen is the first WiFi-connected shower, complete with precise temperature control, timers, and an app

Everything's internet-connected these days, be it toothbrushes, thermostats, fridges, lights, CO detectors... or a shower. Yep, that's right: Moen, in partnership with GridConnect (smart home specialists), has released a smart shower, the U, which is controllable via a panel inset into the wall, or via an app on your phone.

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