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Nike's self-lacing kicks turn to bricks when updated over Android

Nike recently launched the futuristic self-lacing Adapt BB sneakers, with the Android app going live just last week. Our comments section was full of people discussing dystopian futures with rebellious footwear, and they didn't have to wait long — the shoes seem to be bricking during the initial software update itself.

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Nike Adapt BB sneakers app is live on the Play Store

Has keeping track of battery levels on your smartphone, fitness tracker, headphones, computer, tablet, and toothbrush become too easy for you? Worry not — come February 17th, and you can charge your shoes too, with the self-lacing Nike Adapt BB sneakers. These smart shoes were announced last month, and their companion Android app is now live on the Play Store.

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[Happy Feet] These Smart Shoes From Lenovo Will Tell The World How You Feel If Your Face Isn't Enough

If today has taught us anything, it's that Lenovo doesn't like keeping its feet on the ground. The company's crazy concepts and ideas department, which is obviously not getting along on a shoestring, hasn't been dragging its feet in the last year. It has just unveiled a new Smart Cast phone concept, a Magic View smartwatch prototype, and now it's time for the other shoe to drop — literally.

See, usually humans use their face to convey their mood and expressions to the world, but if most people are goody two-shoes who walk with their head tilted down to avoid looking at others in the eyes, you have to find another way to get their attention.

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