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Gmail is working on snooze, smart grouping, and a Material Design interface for the web

Do you remember the NEXT Live EMEA 2017 G Suite product roadmap talk where we discovered a small line of text telling us Calendar would get a new web interface in Q4 2017? As it turns out, there's more to that presentation, but we're so perpetually busy here that we couldn't check out the video in its entirety. If we did, we would have spotted something else, just as interesting.

At about 31" into the video, we get introduced to several new features that the G Suite team is working on implementing in Gmail: smart reply, smart groupings, and snooze.

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Gmail's Smart Reply is now available in Spanish on both Android and iOS

Back in May, Google announced Smart Reply for Gmail, a feature that would suggest three simple responses based on the email that was sent to you. This was first made available for English, but Spanish was promised to come "in the coming weeks." Two months later, Spanish speakers can finally use Smart Reply for quick and easy responses.

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Android Messages v2.3 from Developer Preview 3 adds "mark as read" to notifications, replaces settings with Notification Channels, and prepares to add smart replies [APK Download + Teardown]

The third developer preview of Android O came with a stack of new versions for Google's assorted apps. Many of them are essentially unchanged from the regular versions available through the Play Store, but there are a few offering up some excellent new features. Android Messages falls into that group as it adds the option to mark a message read from the notification shade and customization for contact notifications has been completely reorganized to take advantage of Android O's Notification Channels. A teardown also reveals that Android Messages is going to join the ranks of semi-intelligent chat apps that offers suggestions based on context.

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Google Assistant's Smart Reply in Allo updated with Hindi and Brazilian Portuguese language support

Google's Allo chat program remains the only way to access the cool Assistant voice control tools without spending money (either on a new Pixel phone or a Google Home gadget). But as with a lot of Google products, it seems fairly focused on the American market. Today its Smart Reply linguistic powers get widened to two of the next-most-spoken languages on the planet, Hindi and Brazilian Portuguese. Support seems to be rolling out via a server-side switch, so don't be surprised if you can't immediately change to either language.

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Web Version Of Inbox By Gmail Gets Smart Reply

Ugh, I have to think of another way to respond to this inane email. People always expect me to take care of their problems, but they never include enough information for me to have any idea what they're talking about.

Huh, what are these buttons at the bottom of the email? "Leave me alone." "Not this again." "You broke it, you fix it."

Google, you know me so well. But, this is a little creepy. Where are these responses coming from?

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Inbox By Gmail's New 'Smart Reply' Feature Lets You Quickly Respond To Email Without Having To Think Or Type

Inbox by Gmail is Google's way of experimenting with your email account. The service comes up with new ways to present information and organize it effectively. Now the search giant is taking the next step and responding to your email for you. Well, almost. It will look at your message and provide you with a few logical responses to pick from. Or you can use these snippets to jump start your reply if you feel you have more to say.

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