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Gboard gets a ton of new suggestions: Stickers, smart replies, and GIF search

Google is constantly enhancing Gboard with new smart features, making many people question why they should even install third-party keyboards at all. These days, the app already comes with tons of intelligent suggestions for clipboard items, GIFs and stickers search, and, uh, podcasts. With the latest slew of server-side experiments and updates, Google is adding even more proactive features: Some people report seeing smart replies, and others see sticker recommendations right on top of the keyboard while typing. There are also intelligent GIF search recommendations based on the last text you sent.

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YouTube Studio picks up Smart Replies

In a post to its (always fascinating) AI Blog, Google has just revealed that its Smart Reply feature, previously present on apps and services like Messages and Gmail, has come to comment replies for YouTube content creators. Built right into YouTube Studio and with support for both Spanish and English, the feature will make it easier for content creators to churn out generic, low-effort replies to comments. (Like and subscribe, brah.)

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Microsoft has added Suggested Replies to the Outlook Android app

Gmail's Smart Reply feature can be pretty handy for short responses, saving you a little bit of time and effort. The web version of Outlook has had a similar feature since last summer, called Suggested Replies, but it hasn't officially been available in the Android app — until now.

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[Update: Gradually rolling out to more users] Smart Replies come to more apps and automatically suggest contextual actions

We've all had to switch from one app to another to complete a particular task, whether it's opening Google Maps to look up an address you've been texted, scheduling an appointment in your calendar after receiving an email, or even looking up an artist a friend has just told you about. These are simple tasks that AI can identify easily, just like Android already does when long pressing a number or an address. We recently got tipped about the fact that Q would suggest Quick Actions directly in your notifications based on a message's content, and Google has officially confirmed Android Q will automatically recognize context to recommend the next action you're likely to perform after receiving a message, saving you the trouble of switching apps.

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Google Messages is suggesting GIF searches based on your conversations

Support for Tenor GIFs was recently added to Google's SMS messaging app, allowing you to easily add a GIF into your chats by tapping on the + and then 'GIF search.' Google really wants to encourage you to use this, it seems, as it's now offering suggestions for GIF searches based on your conversations.

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Pulse SMS v4.8 beta adds support for Smart Replies [APK Download]

Google introduced Smart Replies with its short-lived Reply app over a year ago. Since then, the tech has been added to more prominent apps from the company such as Messages, Gmail, and Hangouts Chat. The Smart Reply API was only made available to third-party developers a few days ago, but Klinker Apps has already gone ahead and incorporated it in the latest beta of its popular Pulse SMS app.

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Google ends its 'Reply' app experiment which brought smart replies to third-party apps

Earlier this year, Google's Area 120 — a division of the company that works on experimental products — pushed out a testing program for an app called "Reply," which added Allo-style, automatically generated smart replies to other messaging apps. That functionality has made its way into other Google apps, with native support for developer implementation of the feature in Android Pie. Based on that success, it appears Area 120 is sunsetting the old Reply app itself.

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Gboard Smart Replies being tested for other apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Android Messages

Google's been throwing its Smart Replies at pretty much every app or venue capable of accepting them, from Android Messages to Gmail. It even has a standalone app that introduces the shortcuts—and their occasionally borderline-offensive responses—to third-party app notifications. Now Gboard is testing out adding the same feature to other applications like Facebook and WhatsApp.

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The new Gmail is here with a modern interface, snooze, confidential email, and more

After several leaks, the updated Gmail interface and functionality is launching officially today for both consumers and enterprise G Suite users. There's a lot to unpack, so without further ado, here are all the new features you can expect to see.

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Android P: Our 5 favorite new features so far

Today marks the 7th day that Android P's first developer preview has been available. In the time since, we've spent countless hours digging through P on our phones, decorticating every feature, and checking every tip about small and large changes alike. Our full list of P features has now surpassed 50 items and we've rounded them up with a quick description in case you don't want to spend hours reading each one (though we encourage you to). The main takeaway from P so far is the new focus on privacy and security, the addition of support for new hardware features (notches, dual cams), along with small but overdue changes that refine the Android experience.

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