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Smart Replies in Android Messages are now rolling out to more users

Last year, Google introduced Smart Replies to Android Messages. At the time they initially landed, the rollout for the new feature was limited to what we assumed was a server-side test—perhaps tied to Project Fi. Based on recent reports, that test may be expanding, as many of our readers have reported seeing the feature spontaneously appear on their devices. 

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Hands-on: Google's 'Reply' gives other apps concise Smart Replies - when it isn't throwing shade

Around a week ago we heard that Google was going to test a new app called Reply, which allegedly ports Allo's Smart Reply functionality over to a wider number of apps. Looks like the test has started rolling out, and we've gotten our hands on the APK. So far, Reply seems to fulfill its promises: you get mostly-apt automated response shortcuts in message notifications. 

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