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The best smart light bulbs that work with your Google Home

Smart light bulbs are an increasingly crowded space, and an increasingly confusing one as a result. It's rapidly become difficult to tell which bulbs properly work with your Google Home, Google smart display, or Android smartphone, how well, and whether you should opt for a hub, hubless, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth-enabled bulbs.

We've got some experience with all this stuff, and so we've put together this guide. We think these are the best light bulbs on any budget for your Google Home and Assistant-enabled smart home.

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Get four Philips Hue color bulbs and a hub for $120 today only

Looking to deck your home out in smart lights? Or perhaps you just want to make your new home office a bit more colorful? Whatever your reason might be for wanting some smart lights, a 4-pack of Philips Hue (plus the required hub) is just $119.99 right now on Amazon-owned Woot.

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Nanoleaf will finally let users mix and match shapes to create unique wall-mounted LED tapestries

Smart lighting startup Nanoleaf burst onto the scene in 2013 with a mission to create environmentally conscious smart lighting solutions. Although its first Kickstarter-backed product was an ultra-efficient LED lightbulb called the Nanoleaf One, it was the Aurora (triangular) and Canvas (square) wall-mounted lights that really made the company stand out. This year, Nanoleaf has announced plans to finally let users mix and match their favorite shapes to create unique LED designs.

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Google and Nest go big for this Black Friday sale with discounts on cameras, alarms, locks, thermostats, smart speakers

When I set up my smart home infrastructure, I waited until Black Friday discounts to pay a little less for all my intelligent devices. Whether you're starting from scratch or want to add new products to your existing smart home configuration, you'll be able to benefit from exciting markdowns on a wide array of Nest products. These include security cameras, alarms, locks, thermostats, smart speakers, connected displays, and Wi-Fi routers. The markdowns will be available from November 28 until December 4, which will give you plenty of time to shop.

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(Update: Back on sale) Brighten up your home with a 4-pack of LIFX Day and Dusk smart bulbs for only $60 ($50 off)

Smart lights are an easy way to get into the world of smart home devices. They require minimal setup, are easy to control with voice assistants, and the benefits are clear. LIFX has emerged as one of the leading names in smart lighting, with bulbs that connect directly to WiFi without the need for a bulky hub. A four-pack of the company's mini-sized Day and Dusk LED bulbs is currently on sale for only $60, which is a savings of $50 from their list price of $110.

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Get a Eufy Smart Floodlight with Camera for $150 with coupon code ($50 off)

As longer autumn nights rob precious sunlight from the morning and evening hours, you’re going to need a way to brighten up your yard, driveway, or outdoor walk spaces before and after work. A floodlight can help you take back the night, and we've got you covered. This limited-time deal from Eufy slashes $50 off your purchase of a smart floodlight with camera, now only $150.

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Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance starter kit with hub and three bulbs down to $100 ($60 off)

Philips Hue lights are known for their reliability, ease of use, and compatibility with third-party services. Unfortunately, they tend to be quite pricey, especially if you don't have a Hue hub already. Thankfully, the Hue White and Color Ambiance starter kit has dropped to $100 on Amazon, which is $60 off its regular price.

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Get 4 LIFX smart color bulbs for the price of 2 in the US, EU, and UK ($60 to $120 savings)

Smart lights are often cited as the first product you get for any smart home. They're easy to install and set up, and they're convenient to have whether you just want to automate your lighting, control it via voice commands, or use it to pretend someone is home when you're away. If you haven't started building your smart home yet or if you're looking for extra lights to brighten up your rooms, there's a secret deal on LIFX bulbs today that can save you up to $120.

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Philips Hue Play review: Impressive media-syncing light bars, but with room for improvement

As well as offering simple light bulbs and accessories for your home, Philips has been pushing its Hue lights for entertainment purposes more and more. The Zigbee-toting Hue lights can now be used as accent lighting for music, film, and even gaming, which may seem gimmicky or cool, depending on your outlook. I would say it’s a bit of both, or at least that’s how I view the latest addition to the lineup, the Hue Play.

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[Deal Alert] Save 20-30% on Anker's Eufy smart lights, Genie Alexa smart speaker, and connected scale

Anker's sub-brand Eufy makes some really interesting home products, a few of which happen to be smart and compatible with our Android-connected lives. Today, three of these are on discount: a connected body scale, a smart tunable white light, and a pack of 2 tunable white lights with a smart speaker. Without further ado, here are the deals.

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