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GE C-Life Multicolor review: A smart bulb perfect for your Google Home, no Wi-Fi necessary

Earlier this year, we reviewed the C by GE Smart Bulb the first light bulb that connects directly to your Google Home using a mesh Bluetooth network. It's great to have a smart home device that doesn't require yet another app or account, and not only did the bulb work flawlessly for its intended purpose, but it's still a great value (you can currently get a two-pack for $17).

GE announced at CES 2019 that it would release color versions of the Smart Bulb, and now it has done just that. The confusingly named "C by GE A19 Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb Multicolor" is just as good as its predecessor, making it one of the best smart lights you can get.

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Philips Hue rumored to launch its first Edison-style smart light bulbs this fall

If you're liking the look of a smart home, you might appreciate the color that Philips's Hue brand is providing with its light bulbs, lamps, and dimmer switches. But the company is apparently looking to expand beyond what it is offering this fall with a series of new fixtures, smart plugs, and Edison-style light bulbs.

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Review: The GE C-Life is an affordable smart light bulb perfect for Google Home, no Wi-Fi necessary

Most smart home products use one of four connectivity options — WiFi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, or Bluetooth Low Energy. Bluetooth products are a little less popular, because they can only be controlled locally via a smartphone, or remotely if the company makes its own Bluetooth to WiFi hub. General Electric's C-Life A19 bulbs use Bluetooth too, but they're special because they're one of the few products that can use a Google Home speaker as their hub.

The C-Life Smart Bulb has no separate account to manage, no additional hubs to plug into your router, and no Wi-Fi connections to deal with. All you need is a Google Home, the Home app, and you're set.

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Snag a 4-pack of LIFX color-changing smart light bulbs for $157 ($39 off)

There are a lot of good options for hub-free smart lighting solutions today. Earlier, we shared a deal on TP-Link smart bulbs, but if you're looking for a more vibrant option, LIFX's full-color bulbs are on sale for $156.78 for a four-pack — almost 40 bucks off their normal price tag of $195.96.

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[Update: Winners] We're giving away 10 three-packs of BESTEK 60W Smart Light Bulbs, plus 50% off single bulb coupons for everyone else [US]

The BESTEK 60W Smart Light Bulb makes for an easy way to manage your lighting from your phone. Today AP and BESTEK have teamed up to give away ten packs of three. Together they make for a $60 prize per winner, which is very generous indeed. There is even a 50% off coupon available for all of our readers who would like to purchase a $20 smart bulb for $9.99. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and click that read more button to win yourself a few 60W smart bulbs.

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Lenovo Smart Home Essentials is the company's first steps in creating its own connected ecosystem

Lenovo Smart Home Essentials is the company's new product line for the connected home. It's starting off humbly with a camera, a wall plug, and a light bulb — consequently, I feel like there should be a joke here, but I'm drawing a blank. These will be compatible with both Alexa and Assistant right out of the gate, too. 

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