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Amazon lets you share Alexa routines — Google should follow suit with Assistant

In July, Google announced that smart home appliance makers would be able to publish Assistant routines featuring their own Actions and ones recommended from partner brands. Amazon seems to be raising that move with its own: user-shareable Alexa routines.

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Google's new smart speakers will get Nest Audio branding

Google's next smart speaker has been in the works for a while now — we even have it on video. A teardown of the latest Google Home app has revealed one more new detail about the upcoming replacement for the original Google Home — and it's another step in the plan of moving Google Home products under Nest's wing.

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The Google Home app has a new 'presence sensing' feature — here's what it does

The Google Home app is core to how you control and interact with dozens of different devices, so it's understandably one of Google's most feature-packed applications. Now it's only getting more interesting with version 2.28, as the new update hints at the upcoming rebranding of Android TV, as well as adds some new features surrounding routines and home presence-sensing that were teased earlier this year.

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Never worry about watering the lawn again with Rachio's 8-Zone smart sprinkler system — just $80 on Woot today

We'd like to think Mother Nature can take care of our lawns just fine on her own, but unfortunately, that's not true in most locations. Luckily, you can be your own Mother Nature with the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller. Once connected to your existing setup, you'll be able to schedule waterings optimized for your lawn that help save water and money. Today on Woot, you can grab a factory reconditioned 2nd generation unit for just $79.99.

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Wyze asks users for donations as it struggles to solve its person detection AI dilemma

Wyze offers some of the most affordable smart cameras on the market, but sometimes you get what you pay for. The company added person detection in July of last year, but it didn't last long. Apple purchased the firm providing Wyze with those AI capabilities, and it had to scramble to come up with a new solution. Wyze started beta testing its new person detection feature earlier this year, and now it's ready to roll out more widely — but there are still quite a few caveats.

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Wink smart home platform continues its downward spiral with day-long outage

Wink sells smart home hubs that can connect to countless products, including thermostats, door locks, fans, and lights. The company's hubs were a popular option for enthusiasts until last month, when it switched to a subscription requirement for most functionality. On top of all that, Wink is now suffering an outage that has lasted nearly a day, and it seemingly has lost access to its primary domain.

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August's newest and smallest smart lock is on sale for $219 ($31 off) on Amazon

Who needs metal keys when you can have a memory full of PINs anyways? Well, people aren't exactly rushing to replace the hammers atop their deadbolts with smart locks for one reason or another — price may be chief among them. You, though, can take advantage of a sale on August's fourth-gen Wi-Fi Smart Lock for $31 off.

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Philips Hue reveals new and updated bulbs, revamped Iris table lamp, and a lightstrip for your TV

Remote IFA festivities today continue, as Philips Hue has announced a handful of new and updated products in its smart home lighting lineup, including a new lightstrip for your TV and the revamped return of the Iris table lamp. On top of that, folks in the August and Nest smart lock ecosystem can look forward to deeper integrations between the two systems starting soon.

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Google Assistant now works with over 50,000 smart home devices

Back in 2018, Google touted that the Assistant worked on over 10,000 smart home gadgets from 1,000 different brands — that's quite a lot of speakers, smart bulbs, cameras, and other hardware that the Assistant can either control or is built into. But in the two intervening years, that number has further exploded, and today Google claims that the Assistant now works with over 50,000 devices from over 5,500 brands. That's some serious growth.

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Save up to $50 on refurbished Philips Hue lighting, today only on Woot

Philips makes some of the best smart lighting you can get in its Hue line, but the it's generally more expensive than options from competing outfits like Lifx and GE. If you're in the Philips ecosystem and you don't mind getting some bulbs that aren't brand new, today is a good chance to stock up: Woot's got refurbished Hue products for up to $50 off MSRP.

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