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Samsung Family Hub app now available on the Play Store, if you have the fridge to match

We interrupt our MWC reporting now to bring you some Very Important Breaking News That Couldn't Wait Any Second Longer™. (Read: Rita got bored of spec sheets and wanted to have some light fun.)

Remember Samsung's Family Hub fridge? Yeah, that one, the ridiculous fridge that looks like it has a Droid slapped on the front, the same fridge that's probably more expensive than your entire current kitchen and appliance fleet combined, yup that fridge. Well, it has a Family Hub app and now that app is available on the Play Store. So Samsung can easily issue updates and you can easily apply them.

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LG announces Smart InstaView Refrigerator, runs webOS with Alexa integration

Remember when Palm was still very much alive, and competed against Android and iOS with its own webOS? After HP bought the company in 2010, they promptly ran the entire OS and ecosystem into the ground and sold it to LG. Now webOS is a mere shadow of its former self, continuing to exist on various LG electronics (mostly TVs).

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Samsung unveils its second-generation smart refrigerators, bringing new app partners and enhanced features

It looks like Samsung is still pushing the smart fridge thing. The electronics giant has introduced its newest Family Hub 2.0 connected refrigerators, bringing the number of models to ten. With the new version of the software, Samsung is bringing on new app partners and better integration. "A full range" of Samsung's popular 3- and 4-door French Door models will be supported, which obviously means more choices for consumers.

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[Real Men Of Genius] Bud Light Salutes The Bud-E Smart Fridge

Bud Light presents Real Men of Genius.

Real Men of Genius!

Today we salute you, Mr. Bud-E smart fridge.*

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