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[Deal Alert] Logi Circle 2 security camera wired $139 ($40 off), wire-free $149 ($50 off)

Security cameras are one of the most important gadgets to own if you care about your home and belongings. Some like to install them outdoor and monitor their house's entrance, others keep them indoors and check on what's happening inside when they're away or in another room, and some just like installing them when they're going away for a vacation and putting them back in the drawer when they come back. Regardless of your use, the Logi Circle 2 should do the job, and it's now being discounted in both its wired and wire-free forms.

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Canary tries to do some damage control, makes mediocre changes to its free plan yet again, good ones to the paid plan

You know what users like even less than a company that takes features away from them? It's a company that doesn't seem to make up its own mind about what it wants and doesn't want to offer them.

The story of Canary goes like this: the company made a nice connected security camera that I actually loved. In September of 2016, Canary changed its plans to introduce Membership, but caused an uproar because it forced all paid users into a $9.99 plan and took away the cheaper but good-enough-for-most-users $4.99 option (initial plans screenshot), and it also changed the free plan from 12hrs/camera to 24hrs total, divided on all the cams you had: 24hrs for 1 = double, 12hrs for 2 = same as before, 8hrs for 3 = bad, and it only gets worse from there.

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[Deal Alert] Ring Video Doorbell down to $99.99 at Best Buy

One of the best places for a smart camera is your front door. That way it doesn't record anything that goes inside the house, if you're wary of privacy issues, but it still lets you see who got near your home. And if that camera is replacing your doorbell, then it serves double purpose for security and convenience, letting you see who's at the front door, even if you're away, and talk to them to see what they need or let them know when you'll be back.

Ring makes one of these smart doorbells, and its first-gen one (the non-Pro) is currently discounted as Best Buy's "Black Friday Ad Deal."

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Amazon releases the Cloud Cam's app on the Play Store

Amazon announced its entry into the smart security camera business last week with the new $119 Cloud Cam. The official release date for the camera is November 8, but if you ordered one or plan on doing so, you can already grab the Android app that goes with it from the Play Store.

The Cloud Cam app is the control center of your cameras. You can add the cams you got, rename them, view the live stream if you want to drop in and check something, and activate two-way audio to talk to your kids or anyone at home, calm your pets, or scare an intruder.

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Canary camera integrates with Assistant, but only to provide environment info as a start

Canary has seen one pretty steep low this month after the big change in features for free users including the reduction of video recordings to a short measly 10-sec preview. But now the smart camera company is hoping to gain back some love with the introduction of its Google Assistant integration.

Starting today, you can head over to your Assistant's "Explore" section and look for Canary, or use this direct link, and connect your Canary account to Assistant. When that's done, you'll be able to ask Assistant to talk to Canary or immediately say things like, "ask Canary what's the temperature at home," or "ask Canary for the humidity in my apartment."

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Reolink Keen and Argus review: Affordable wireless security cams, but full of compromises

We've been taking a thorough look at smart monitoring cameras here on Android Police, but the overarching complaint in most of them from us and you, the readers, is always the price and the paid plans. That's why for my next two reviews, I will be focusing on two camera makers that don't require you break the bank to buy their hardware nor to use it. The first brand is Reolink and I'll be reviewing two of its cameras: the Keen ($119.99) and the Argus ($99.99), both of which offer MicroSD storage. (The second brand is Amcrest, which I'll review in a week or so.)

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[Update: Live for Flex cam] Canary introduces 2-way talk, new web app, and enhanced livestreams to its connected security cams

Despite trying out many brands, Canary is still one of my favorite connected cams but its software keeps advancing at a very slow pace and competitors are starting to catch up. That's why I was happy today to see several new features coming to Canary... until I realized most of them require a Membership subscription. Why does everything good in tech these days require a monthly bill?

Alright, I'll stop crying over my empty wallet now and start explaining what the new features are.

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