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LeEco announces smart bikes with Android-based 'BikeOS' at CES

LeEco is determined to succeed in the North American market, despite a strange launch event and mediocre devices. The company has announced two new smart bikes, the aptly-named LeEco Smart Road Bike and LeEco Smart Mountain Bike (not LeBike?), which can be seen on the CES show floor.

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Samsung Teams Up With Italian Bicycle Builder Giovanni Pelizzoli To Create One Badass Smart Bike

Bicycles have been a fairly major part of society for the last couple hundred years, and a lot of technological advancements have made their way into the cycling world over time. What was once purpose-built for getting from A to B has become so much more – everything from racing on the streets to singletrack in the mud, there's a bike built for it. Of course, all around the globe there are millions of riders who hop on their commuter and head off to...wherever. To some people, the very idea of owning a car instead of a bike is simply alien.

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