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The adorable Palm Phone is now available to buy completely standalone

The new Palm Phone is, shall we say, a very complicated device. Then again, it was somewhat difficult to get a hold of in the first place: since its launch in November, it's been exclusive to Verizon and up until late April, you had to have a primary phone on a line of service to pick up this $350 "accessory." Nowadays, customers can use a Palm Phone as their main device, but that still leaves Big Red outsiders high and dry. Today, Palm is fixing that as it is availing its phone direct to buyers unlocked for use on most GSM networks.

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[Deal Alert] Sony Xperia X Compact drops to just $350 ($150 off) at Amazon and Best Buy

Back around the time of the Galaxy Nexus, I recall a counter-culture developing, calling for an end to the insanity of oversized phones with screens as big as 4.7 inches. They wanted a smaller alternative, built for human hands and human pockets. While the itty bitty smartphone committee might have lost the good fight in a general sense, they now have a few more options, including the Xperia X Compact. Its screen is only 4.6 inches. Hey, it's the principle that counts.

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Editorial: The iPhone SE Is The Good Small Phone That Could Finally Create Good Small Android Phones

Apple copying somebody to make something successful then everybody else copying Apple's success is a well-worn narrative path (independent of that narrative's truth in reality). As such, with the unveiling of the surprisingly-powerful iPhone SE today at $399, it's very reasonable to wonder: has Apple started a small-phone renaissance? Are we going to see a flood of small (less than 4.5" display) but powerful and premium Android phones enter the market?

Let's start with some phone size history. The new Apple iPhone SE is the same size as the outgoing 5S - roughly 124mm tall, 59mm wide, and 7.6mm thick. That is a very, very small phone.

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