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Google pledges $800 million to coronavirus causes

The US Government may be paying out $2.2 trillion as part of the recently-approved relief bill, but Google is also stepping up to the plate to help — admittedly, in a smaller way. The company is pledging to hand out over $800 million to help support organizations and businesses affected by coronavirus, including $250 million to the WHO and other government agencies, $200 million for NGOs and financial institutions, and a substantial $340 million Google Ads credit for small and mid-size businesses.

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Microsoft Bookings app now available on the Play Store for beta testers

Microsoft Bookings is a service available to Office 365 Business Premium subscribers who also happen to be small business owners and want to easily manage their staff's schedules, appointment bookings, client reminders, and more. It launched in July in limited capacity and only on the web, with mobile apps promised "in the coming months."

The Android app is now available, but only accessible to beta testers. It's just useful for business owners (clients and staff can use email or the web component) to manage their business from their phone.

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PayPal releases PayPal Business, fulfilling small business needs like account and invoice management

In its quest to make running a small business easier, PayPal has revealed its latest app called PayPal Business. It offers a lot of features that entrepreneurs will find helpful when trying to stay on top of their accounts while mobile.

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The Squarespace Commerce App Is Now Open For Business On Android

You may think of Squarespace as what you use to create your own personal website. Maybe it's just that name you hear advertised during podcasts. Either way, you may not know that the company also reaches out to small business.

Squarespace Commerce, which has been around since 2013, is a way to manage and sell products online. Businesses can use it to sell both digital and physical goods. Those that do now have the option to use Android devices.

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Google Primer 2.0 Comes With An Updated Interface, New Lessons Every Week, Bookmarking, And More

Primer by Google (formerly listed in the Play Store as Primer: Marketing for Startups) is a simple little Android app that helps small business owners get their company off the ground and in the public eye. Users view a number of brief, bite-sized lessons and walk away with a general understanding of what they need to do. That's the idea, anyway.

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AdWords Express Android App Goes Material In Version 2.0

AdWords Express is an express version of AdWords that lets you set up and track ad campaigns from a mobile phone without spending too much time. It's not one of Google's core apps, so it's only now getting material design. Still, that's plenty reason to give version 2.0 a look. You know, a brief one, right before getting back to work.

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Google Releases 'Primer: Marketing For Startups' App To Help Small Teams Get Their Brand Out There

Primer: Marketing for Startups isn't like most of Google's other Android apps. For starters, it's the first to appear in the Play Store under the publisher "Google Learn." The app also happens to be such a niche product that only a specific target demographic will benefit from it.

As the name says, Primer is aimed at helping startups manage their marketing efforts. A great deal of work and knowledge goes into getting a new brand in front of consumers and establishing awareness. This app offers short five-minute lessons that supply users with the jargon-free information they need to know to get started.

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Shake Is A Mobile App That Handles Legal Mumbo Jumbo For Freelancers And Small Businesses

In the Android community, there are a ton of freelancers working together to get stuff done. Whether it's a graphic design artist contributing to apps or websites, video editors helping with game trailers, developers hoping to create the next big thing, or writers churning out content for blogs (yours truly), the mobile space is filled with independent types coming together to accomplish great things. In our space, and in the broader world at large, freelancers need to sign agreements and write up documents that help guarantee payment and assign ownership of work. This legalese can require years of schooling or a personal lawyer to draft up, but there are ways to save the time and effort.

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[New App] Google AdWords Express Enters The Play Store, Makes Quick Localized Ads A Breeze

There are a lot of challenges to running a small business effectively. Some people just don't have the time, patience, or desire to deal with tasks that aren't part of the core business, like taxes and advertising. To help with the latter, Google created AdWords Express, a simplified version of AdWords that makes advertising simple to set up and track without having to dedicate much effort. Today, Google also launched a handy app to make managing your AdWords Express account from your phone as simple as possible.


AdWords Express isn't a particularly complicated service and the app reflects that with a simple interface.

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