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OnePlus Gallery app lost the ability to edit slow motion videos, but a fix is coming

OnePlus added video editing features to its built-in Gallery app back in 2018, and that included the ability to edit slow-motion video. But, in a change which slid under most people's radar, the ability to edit slow-motion video was pulled from the OnePlus Gallery app last month. Don't grab your pitchforks just yet though, because it sounds like the feature should make a quick return.

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OnePlus 7T silently gets slow-motion 960 FPS video recording in recent Open Beta

Almost two weeks ago, OnePlus released Open Beta 3 for the 7T. Though the changelog at the time was pretty light, it turns out there was a hidden feature in the release that didn't get mentioned. The beta update also delivered 720p 960 FPS slow-motion video recording,

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Xiaomi Mi 8 update includes night mode and 960fps slo-mo video recording

In my review of the Xiaomi Mi 8 and Mi 8 Pro, I was surprised by quite how good the dual rear cameras were. Both phones have the same sensors, offering imaging performance at least on a par with recent OnePlus devices while challenging much more expensive competitors. Thanks to a new update, two more features are being added to the Mi 8's camera capabilities.

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Google Photos Now Exports Slow Motion Video At Correct Speed, Making Everyone Wonder Why This Wasn't The Case Before

The ever-evolving Google Photos has another new feature hidden in the recent 1.16 update: the app will now share slow-motion videos to other apps, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Evernote and not mess up the timing. Videos have of course been exportable and shareable through Photos since the start, but this marks the first time a video with slow-mo frames can be exported without the whole video being converted into slow-motion, rather than just a section. In the same way, you have long been able to edit a video to slow either a portion of the video, or the entire thing, down to 120 frames-per-second, the standard slow-motion video framerate.

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Nexus Camera Gets Huge Improvements, Slow-Motion Video, Smart Burst (6P Only), Launch Shortcut, And More

Remember when the camera on Nexus phones was sort of terrible? Yeah, it looks like that's about to change.

Google is betting big on photography this year. The Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P include significant enhancements to both the front and rear camera modules. On the back of both phones is a 12.3 megapixel Sony sensor with impressively large 1.55 micron pixels, an f/2.0 lens, laser autofocus, and dual LED flash. The front-facing camera module now sports an 8 megapixel sensor with HDR+, "so you can get the world's best selfies" on your Nexus phone.

To match the new hardware, Google has also announced updates to the camera app as well.

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Google Camera v3.0 Sneak Peek - Part 2: Camera2, Slow Motion, Dirty Lens Detection, Auto HDR+, And More [APK Teardown]

On the last episode of Android Police Teardowns, Google's plans for Smart Burst were revealed. Soon, Creations are going to become an innate part of the Camera app, giving users their own collages, animations, group pictures with the best possible smiles, and even pictures styled as if they were taken in a photo booth. Many questions remain. Will Google finally make the most out of the Camera 2 API? Will there be slow motion and HDR modes? And will readers get that this intro is just a goofy bit modeled after old TV shows that awkwardly explain the whole previous episode in 30 seconds before continuing with the story?

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