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Sony shows off its stunning 960fps slow-mo camera in the Xperia XZ Premium

With the Xperia XZ Premium's release date approaching, Sony took to YouTube to release a video highlighting the amazing power of its so-called Motion Eye camera.

The video was shot entirely using the Xperia XZ Premium by journalists at Sony's press event in Lisbon. Directed by film-maker Chris Cairns, 120 smartphones captured the stunning scenes using Sony's new Motion Eye camera system. This camera carries with it astounding specs, including the ability to shoot slow motion video at 960fps. To put that in perspective, Samsung's flagship boasts support for only 240fps. I can't believe I can use the word only in that sentence.

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[Deal Alert] Unlocked Sony Xperia XZs down to $620 at Amazon ($64 off)

It seems to be the night of back-to-back Sony phone deals. Just a few weeks ago we posted that the Xperia XZs (I will never understand Sony's naming scheme) was down to $658 over on Amazon. Now it's gotten down to $619.99, but just for the black model. The XZs is a mid-season refresh of last year's XZ, featuring an updated camera and a bit of extra RAM. Although the 1.22µm pixels in the new camera aren't the largest, it does have a high 19MP resolution and can shoot in 4K, as well as 960fps slow motion video.

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BlackBerry PRIV's Apps Get Updated: Slow Motion Video Capture, Improved Keyboard, Separate Work And Personal Apps In The Launcher

If you're one of the users who have committed to BlackBerry's first foray into Android with the PRIV, you'll be happy to know that the company isn't forgetting its early adopters or leaving them behind. It's been releasing security patches for its phones and now it's updating some of the preloaded apps on the PRIV: the camera, keyboard, and launcher.

The BlackBerry Camera app is adding a mode to capture slow motion video at 120fps (which can be played back at 30fps), but without any audio. The Keyboard app is getting plenty of enhancements to its prediction and usability, including learning from your social accounts and email, faster word deletion, and improvements to cursor control.

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This Hummingbird 240FPS Slow-Motion Video Recorded With The Nexus 6P Will Make Your Heart Flutter

Just, just when I pull the trigger on a Nexus 5X, I see a link to this video taken by the Nexus 6P. And now I'm cold and confused, while still feeling warm and fuzzy inside. The video in question was taken by Eddy Talvala, the camera framework team lead at Google, and shared by Dave Burke on Twitter.

It features a hummingbird, the cutest hummingbird, flying around and beating its wings. Apparently, hummingbirds don't flap their wings, they beat them at a rate of 10-15 per second (pdf), and sometimes faster. With the Nexus 6P's 240fps slow-motion capture, you can clearly see every beat of the bird's wings.

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Google Camera v3.0 Sneak Peek - Part 2: Camera2, Slow Motion, Dirty Lens Detection, Auto HDR+, And More [APK Teardown]

On the last episode of Android Police Teardowns, Google's plans for Smart Burst were revealed. Soon, Creations are going to become an innate part of the Camera app, giving users their own collages, animations, group pictures with the best possible smiles, and even pictures styled as if they were taken in a photo booth. Many questions remain. Will Google finally make the most out of the Camera 2 API? Will there be slow motion and HDR modes? And will readers get that this intro is just a goofy bit modeled after old TV shows that awkwardly explain the whole previous episode in 30 seconds before continuing with the story?

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