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Google app v8.4 beta reveals more details about Read Later feature [APK Teardown]

It doesn't matter that it's Friday night, Google is still readily rolling out updates to its apps. The latest is a beta release for the Google app, bringing us up to v8.4. Changes are pretty sparse on this one, but there are a few cosmetic tweaks, plus we're getting some more details on the nature of the Read Later feature discussed in the previous teardown.

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Slideshow being tested in Facebook app after iOS debut back in June

Back in June, Facebook released a new feature to the iOS app, Slideshow, which takes photos uploaded to the service and turns them into videos, much like in Google Photos. We've received a tip that says this is now being tested in the Facebook app on Android, although it's hard to say how widely.

None of the Android Police team have Slideshow in the Facebook app, so we've not actually been able to use it. However, what we can say is this: it appears in the 'Post to Facebook' Activity, above the 'Tag Friends' option. Tapping it brings up gallery pictures, of which you can choose images for the slideshow.

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Google Photos now lets you view images as a slideshow

What photo manager doesn't let you show off images in a slideshow? Google Photos, it turns out. If this is news to you, then you're finding out right at the moment when the situation is changing. Google Photos has now added a slideshow option.

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Prezi's New Android App Zooms Into The Play Store Raring To View Your Presentations

When I was in high school, we were taught how to use PowerPoint. Before I graduated from college, Prezi presentations were starting to feel just as commonplace. The latter allowed students to create lively, zoom-able slideshows online and access them from wherever they could connect to Wi-Fi. Starting now, they will be able to access them from their Android devices as well.

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Facebook Is Rolling Out Trip Slideshows, A Copy Of Auto Awesome Stories, To Some App And Mobile Users

About four months ago, Google added Auto Awesome Stories to the Google+ Android app. This feature groups photos taken at roughly the same place and time when you're traveling away from your home area into a nifty slideshow or "travelogue." It looks like someone at Facebook really digs the idea, because we've been alerted by multiple users who say they've seen pretty much the same thing in the Facebook app over the last few days.

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Screenshot credit: Shaun McLane

Only a few users seem to be accessing the feature right now. One tipster said that he got a prompt to "view related posts in a slideshow," after which he could scroll through the relevant photos and a rough map of his journey.

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Dayframe 2.3 Update Makes Chromecast Slideshow Feature Free For All Users, Coincides With 99 Cent Prime Sale

Using Dayframe to turn an Android tablet into a digital photo frame may not sound like the most affordable option out there, but at this point in time, more than a few of us have a couple old Honeycomb-era Android tablets lying around that aren't good for too much else. Following the introduction of Chromecast support in version 2.0 last month, it's pretty simple to turn your TV into one as well. Now the latest update is making such streaming available out of the box. There are no time limits, ads, or restrictions of any kind on the Chromecast slideshow.


This isn't all that's new in version 2.3.

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Google Docs Can Now Share Directly To Google+, Natively Embedding PDFs, Videos, And More

The integration of all the services you use from your favorite search provider just keeps on getting better. Today, Google announced that you can now share content from your Google Drive directly to Google+. It's not just a matter of a simple link, either (unless you're on mobile). A built-in viewer for PDFs, videos, slideshow presentations and more make the experience virtually seamless.


To share to Google+, you simply click the Share button like normal where you'll find the new option waiting, in addition to the usual Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter. Of course, none of the other methods have quite this level of integration and ease of use.

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