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Skype Announces Group Video Calls Are Coming To Mobile Devices

Skype has a new feature to announce today, which conveniently coincides with the 10-year anniversary of the original launch of Skype's free video calling service. You will soon be able to participate in group video calls on mobile devices. Plus, you can jump the line and try it early if you act now.

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[Let It Snow] Skype App Gets Holiday-Themed Update With Video Cards And Christmas Emoji

Christmas is coming, but many family members won't get to spend this time face to face. Millions will be placing phone calls, and another large number will be hopping on Skype. The latest update adds more ways to integrate Skype into your holiday plans.

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Official Skype For Business Android App Arrives On Google Play

Skype means business, and towards the end of the summer, it let people sign up to test a preview of the upcoming Android app. That testing period is over. The official Skype for Business app is now available in the Play Store.

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Skype 6.11 Adds Support For Saving Video Messages, Upgraded Mojis, Enhanced Search, And More

Skype for Android has just been updated to version 6.11 with a handful of nifty features and improvements. The upgrade lets users delete, mark as read, or mute notifications via a long tap on a contact or conversation, and search results will now become populated with conversation content, in addition to contact and group names. It also allows users to save sent and received videos to the photo gallery, which wasn't offered in the previous version for some reason (and which Skype added because of user feedback).

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[Update: AT&T Too] Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, And Skype Also Offer Free Or Reduced Cost Calls To France After Paris Attacks

Shortly after ISIS-affiliated gunmen killed over a hundred people in multiple attacks in Paris on Friday evening, Google allowed users of its Hangouts chat platform to make free VOIP calls to France from anywhere. Later this weekend American telecom companies have followed suit. Carriers Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint are allowing their customers to call French telephone numbers without incurring international calling charges, and Skype is allowing free SkypeOut (VOIP-to-standard phone number) calls into France.

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Latest Skype Update Lets You Apply Filters To Video Messages

Sending a Skype video message is like placing a video call, only instead of having to be online at the same time, the person on the other end can pick up whenever, the conversation is completely one-sided, and the entire affair is limited to a couple of minutes. Following the latest update to the Android app, you can now spice up those short clips by applying filters. Add in balloons, warp your face, turn things negative—that sort of thing.

To apply any of the effects, hit the icon in the bottom left while recording a message. Since we're approaching the end of October, Skype has also included a few Halloween-related options and emoticons.

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Skype For Android 6.4 Adds Android Wear Support And Brings Mojis Into Action

We first heard of Skype's new Mojis a couple of weeks ago with the announcement of version 6.2, but the animated clips were nowhere to be found back then. They promised an integrated way to search for famous clips from TV shows and movies that you insert into your conversations to make them funner. Well, Mojis are finally live in version 6.4 of Skype, and they're being accompanied with a more functional feature for Android Wear users.

This new update adds full support for your smartwatch, letting you receive notifications of messages and calls on your watch and reply with voice dictation, preset messages, or by drawing emojis.

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[Update: A Few Feature Tweaks Too] Skype Announces Animated 'Mojis' With The Muppets, Despicable Me, And More

Have you ever felt like regular emoji just aren't descriptive enough? Skype has something you might be interested in. The new Mojis are short animations from a variety of films and TV shows that you can insert into IM conversations. They're rolling out now on Android, as well as all the other Skype platforms.

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[Update: APK] Skype For Android Hits Version 6.0, Gets A Full Material Makeover

If you're a long-time Skype user, then you've no doubt seen its many faces and redesigns. Today marks the release of yet another redesign, and this time it actually looks pretty damn good.

First off, Skype took a page from the Android playbook and went with Material Design and a FAB, so it not only looks better, but it functions in a smart and intuitive way. I think that's something we can all get behind.

Aside from that, search has also been enhanced so you can more easily find the people you talk to the most. Along that same line, it's also faster and easier to see how many unread messages you have.

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Skype v5.11 Adds Heads Up Notifications With Call And Reply Buttons

When you get a text message in Google Messenger, you don't have to open the app to initiate a reply. You just tap the buttons that appear in the notification. This capability appeared years sooner in apps like Gmail, which allowed you to reply, archive, and delete messages.

It turns out this feature is available in the latest Android version of Skype. When an incoming notification appears in your notification shade, you will have the option to call the person or reply via text. These heads up notifications will also appear on top of your current app, so you don't have to swipe down the notification drawer to read them.

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