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[Update: APK] Skype For Android Hits Version 6.0, Gets A Full Material Makeover

If you're a long-time Skype user, then you've no doubt seen its many faces and redesigns. Today marks the release of yet another redesign, and this time it actually looks pretty damn good.

First off, Skype took a page from the Android playbook and went with Material Design and a FAB, so it not only looks better, but it functions in a smart and intuitive way. I think that's something we can all get behind.

Aside from that, search has also been enhanced so you can more easily find the people you talk to the most. Along that same line, it's also faster and easier to see how many unread messages you have.

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Skype For Android Hits Version 4.7, Brings Major Under-The-Hood Redesign That Results In Substantial Battery Savings

Today, Skype is delivering on a promise that it made back in July of last year. That's a long while to wait for an update, but this one is pretty major. In short, the team has carefully crafted an update for Skype for Android that allows it to run in the background with virtually no impact on battery life. That's what they're claiming, anyway.

Essentially, the application (and the service as a whole) had to undergo some major re-thinking, which led to a "transformation" of the way Skype actually works. The end result, however, was clearly worth all the work, and they're pretty proud of where the app stands as of today.

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