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Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders Takes To The Air On Android

Flight combat games have a long and storied history in gaming, but most of these titles on mobile have vastly simplified control schemes. Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders doesn't sell itself short, though. This is a true simulator-style flight combat game with multiple control schemes and tons of planes.

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[New Game] Namco Takes Air Combat Intergalactic With Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

Namco-Bandai released Sky Gamblers: Rise Of Glory more than a year ago, and the WWI 3D air combat game was well-received. The sequel takes the setting to the near future with a mix of modern fighter jets and alien invaders. Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy is definitely one of the most graphically-intensive entries in the admittedly small niche, and the loose arcade style is well-suited to touch controls.

The game isn't quite as sci-fi as the trailer on the Play Store suggests: when Air Supremacy launched on iOS 18 months ago (sigh), its primary campaign had you facing off against conventional air and ground targets.

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Namco's Sky Gamblers: Rise Of Glory Leaves The Sony-Only Hangar For Bluer Android Skies

In a time long before Captain America was even a glimmer in Strategic Scientific Reserve's eye, there was another World War. Did you know that? Yep. There were a lot of airplanes in it. Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory lets players take those planes up in the air in a flight sim/aerial combat game that actually looks rather polished. Take a look:

Sky Gamblers has been released before, but it looks like it was a Sony-exclusive for a while (nearly all reviews were from Sony devices).

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