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Have A Blast Sliding Until You Die – Ski Safari 2 Is Now Available On The Play Store

 was one of the first mobile games I really got into. Apparently, I wasn't the only one who enjoyed it, because it was downloaded over 140 million times. Who knew escaping an avalanche by sliding down a frozen hill while hitching rides on Yetis, penguins, and reindeer could be so fun? Well, two years after the original's launch, a sequel aptly named 'Ski Safari 2' has been released on the Play Store, for free. Not bad, especially when you consider its iOS counterpart is selling for $2.49.

While the basic premise of the game remains unchanged, there are several differences in the new title.

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[Deal Alert] Get 8 Free Games In Today's Amazon Game Pack, Including Buddy & Me, Gravity Guy, And Sonic Jump

The Play Store is filled with great games to cram onto your mobile device, but there's another Android marketplace you may have forgotten to check. Don't worry, I have your back. Amazon is currently offering eight free games as part of today's Game Pack. If you throw in the usual free app of the day, that actually makes nine games you can get just by hitting up Amazon before the day is up.

GamePack AppOfTheDay

This pack contains some real time killers. Gravity Guy is a compelling experience that has been around for a while, and Buddy & Me is just absolutely adorable.

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[New Game] Cartoon Network Pushes Ski Safari: Adventure Time Down The Slopes And Into The Play Store

Cartoon Network has been cranking out games lately based on its widely successor series of properties, with Regular Show getting a shot in October and Ben 10 taking a swing in November. Less than a month later, the network is back with a zany mobile game starring the cast of Adventure Time. Ski Safari: Adventure Time may not have the most original premise in the world, but if you're going to shoehorn characters into something that will occupy players' time between bus stops, why not go with a formula that has been proven successful.

AdventureTime1 AdventureTime2

AdventureTime3 AdventureTime4

Anyone who has played Ski Safari should know what to expect here.

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[New Game] Popular iOS Game Ski Safari Arrives On Android, And It Rocks

You may remember a wonderful little free physics game called Rocket Bunnies from a while back. Similarly, there was a cool RPG known as Heroes Call that came out not too long ago. The developer behind both these games is Defiant Development, and now they've brought the popular iOS game Ski Safari to Android.

In Ski Safari, you play the roll of Sven, who finds himself in the unenviable position of skiing down a hillside to keep ahead of an avalanche. There's a fair bit of action here as you recruit hapless animals along the slopes to help you stay ahead of the unstoppable wall of snow.

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