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Google Spins Up 'Roll It' To Turn Your Phone Into A Skee-Ball WiiMote, Wrist Straps Not Included

It's the late afternoon - wouldn't you like to sneak out of work to head down to the boardwalk and play some skee-ball? Well, Google might not be able to hide your tracks as you escape your day job, but you can still salvage some fun while locked away in your office. A new Chrome Experiment has just been launched that uses your phone's accelerometer to fling a virtual ball on your desktop browser.

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New Game: Ball-Hop Bowling Replicates Skee-Ball To a T, Wasted Money Included

Everyone who's been to a midway knows the format of skee-ball; for a couple bucks you ramp some wooden balls into scoring targets in order to get tickets to exchange for prizes. A new game for Android, Ball-Hop Bowling, recreates the whole experience, rip-off and all.


Maybe "rip-off" is a bit unfair: Ball-Hop Bowling is free, and gives you the "true" skee-ball experience without having to pay. However, if you're looking for any type of progression in this game beyond the default table/ball, be prepared to shell out some cash, or at least hours of your time.

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