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Six to Start (developer of Zombies, Run!) releases The Walk, a fitness game with a story that progresses as you move

Modern technology can make us more sedentary and unhealthy, but developer Six to Start has released a few games that aim to do the opposite. Games like Zombies, Run! can make exercise kind of fun, but its latest release is a bit more casual. The new game, developed in cooperation with the UK's NHS and the Department of Health, is called The Walk. To play, just start walking. 

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Zombies, Run! Developer Releases 7-Minute Superhero Workout App Offering Similar Over-The-Top Motivation To Get In Shape

Are you willing to exercise to get in shape? I see some of you nodding your heads, but others look like they need more motivation. What if missiles were flying towards you? What if the fate of the world depended on you throwing just five more punches or hanging in there long enough for three more of your best push-ups? If that's the kind of incentive you need to start burning those calories, then developer Six to Start has the app for you.

7-Minute Superhero Workout gives users the kind of heart-pumping, jeopardy-based stimulation we've seen in previous releases Zombies, Run! and The Walk.

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[New Game] Zombies, Run! Developer Six To Start Launches A New, Slower-Paced App To Get People Moving: The Walk

Six to Start's latest app is another pedometer for people who need more motivation to get off the couch. Similar to the team's previous game, Zombies, Run!, The Walk is an immersive experience that pits players in the midst of a suspenseful storyline - but rather than tap and swipe at the screen to make progress, you must get on your feet and move. It hopes to change your next walk around town into an adventure you will never forget.

TheWalk1 TheWalk2 TheWalk3

The game begins with a bomb exploding in Inverness station and you being handed a package that could save the world.

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