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The BBC Taster VR app shows off new 360 degree content from the makers of Planet Earth II, and more

The BBC is pretty good when it comes to 360-degree content. The British media network even has a dedicated '360 Videos' YouTube playlist with a nice selection, ranging from tours of Italian cities to immersive wildlife experiences. It's now taking this to the logical next step, courtesy of its experimental BBC Taster studio, which has released a new VR app.

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BBC releases the Story of Life, a collection of Sir David Attenborough's work

Ask any Brit about Sir David Attenborough and I'm sure most would respond positively. Attenborough, a broadcaster and naturalist who has created the 'Life' TV series and refined how to make documentaries, has had his work compiled into an app, appropriately titled 'Attenborough's Story of Life.'

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The app has many moments from Planet Earth and Planet Earth II, plus others from countless other shows Attenborough has made, including from the Life series. There are also behind the scenes videos of the filming of the shows. In addition, collections of clips can be created and named as you see fit. Got a number of favourite clips from Attenborough's programmes?

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