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Product Hunt'ers get 2 new apps to browse their favorite site and catch up on tech stories

Product Hunt is one of the sites I always hear about and come across but never dared visit more than a few seconds each time because I knew I would get sucked in eternally. I love new products, be it gadgets or services, so becoming invested in a site whose sole purpose is to surface these to me is like my kryptonite. I have neither the money nor the time to allow myself such a luxury. But for those of you who like the site and can control your urges to buy/try/read everything on there, there are now* two apps to try out on Android.

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Goodbye, Voice Minutes? First Signs Of Google Voice VoIP Emerge

We may have just seen the reasoning behind Google's announcement last week that they were shutting down VoIP service Gizmo5. Apparently a SIP address has surfaced that allows those with an SIP-to-SIP account (such as to call Google Voice users for free. While this may not sound Earth-shattering at first, this is most likely an early sign that true Google Voice VoIP (that many users have been eagerly anticipating) is on its way.

Say you are wanting to contact your friend, whose Google Voice Number is (555)123-4567. You could now sign up for a free SIP to SIP service, register your account via an SIP app (such as csipsimple or sipdroid), and contact [email protected].

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VoIP Service Gizmo5 Going Offline April 3

The VoIP company Gizmo5, which was purchased by Google in 2009, is going to be officially ending its service next month (April 3 to be exact). Many Android users who have a setup which utilizes Gizmo5's compatibility with Google Voice to make cheap or free internet calls will need to look elsewhere for cheap VoIP calling.

An email (submitted by Reddit user Bizurke) from Gizmo5 cites the Gmail calling service as a viable replacement after notifying users of the termination. Alternate VoIP services such as Sipgate, pbxes, and VoIPUser appear to be alive and kicking if GV users are looking for an alternative.

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