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YouTube Premium and Music launch in 7 Asian markets

YouTube Music and Premium are continuing their expansion across the world. After adding eight Middle Eastern countries in September, the service is now spreading to seven more markets in Asia. Most notable among these additions is Indonesia, the fourth most populated country in the world, and a potentially huge market for Google.

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Google Pay adds support for 25 more banks across Europe, Asia, and New Zealand

I'm a huge fan of mobile payments, mostly because it's convenient and  I don't have to take my wallet with me to run small errands. Seeing Google Pay expand to more countries is always pleasant, especially when the services added include prepaid cards in addition to traditional banks. The list of supported services has further grown since our last post, as Google Pay now supports 25 more services in 14 countries in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

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Singaporean commuters can use Google Pay as their transit pass starting today

Until recently, Singaporean commuters had to use prepaid NETS Flashpay or EZ-Link accounts to hop on the MRT (the local subway) or the bus. Even though most debit cards on the island support either one of these payment systems, they had to be topped up separately, creating an additional burden for travelers — I remember the days when I lived in Singapore and had to go back to an ATM to transfer money from my current account to EZ-link after being denied entry to the MRT. However, thanks to a recent initiative by the Land Transport Authority, people can use contactless MasterCards to pay for transport.

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Google Store launches in Singapore with Pixel 2 XL, Google Homes, Chromecast, and more

Buying Google's gadgets can be very difficult if you live in a country where they're not officially available. Overpriced black markets, questionable imports, and difficulty of finding support are some of the issues you face. But after today, that won't be the case for Android and Google fans in Singapore as the official Store is now launched in their country.

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Google Assistant now supports Singapore English on phones

Google Assistant's language support between different platforms is a confusing mess that I won't pretend to be able to understand, but the good news is that over the past year, more languages and variants have been added. We've seen Spanish and Italian recently, but today's addition is different: Assistant on phones should now work in Singapore English.

So if you live in Singapore and have set your phone to Singapore English as a language, you should start seeing Assistant soon (already?) when you tap and hold the home button on your phones, instead of the Google Now on Tap / Screen Search that was before it.

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Google Opinion Rewards is now available in India, Singapore, and Turkey

Without a doubt, Google's Opinion Rewards app is how I've bought most of the apps in my library. For the small price of a few surveys, you can usually get some Play credit tacked onto your account. We've had the app here in the States for some time now, but now a few other countries are joining the fold.

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Coral Blue Galaxy S7 Edge coming to Taiwan and Singapore in November

It's rare for our David Ruddock to call anything "absolutely stunning," let alone a blue and slightly orange phone of all things, but Samsung managed to extract that statement out of him when he had some hands-on with the Galaxy Note 7 (RIP). And David wasn't the only one to think that. So what's Samsung to do with this splendidly concocted color now that it can't market and sell it on the Note 7? Well, it's releasing it for its other flagship device, the Galaxy S7 Edge.

And it is a beaut. Behold.

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Pokémon GO heads to 15 new countries in Asia, including Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam

Slowly but surely, the creatures are coming. They advance, nation by nation, relentless, refusing to stop until the entire planet is their domain. Hundreds of millions have felt their impact. Politicians and titans of industry are not immune. And even mainstream news outlets are scrambling to find "22 Tips For Catching Pokémon - #12 Will Make You Scream!" Today developer Niantic continues its bid for global mobile gaming domination by expanding Pokémon GO to 15 new markets in Asia, including hundreds of millions of new potential players on iOS and Android.

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Android Pay arrives in Asia, starting with Singapore

Android Pay turns your phone into a Google-powered wallet. Tap it against a terminal, transfer money, and walk away feeling like you're living in the future. Android Pay has been making folks feel this way since September, depending on where you live.

If said place is in Asia, you've been out of luck. That's about to change. Android Pay has made its way to Singapore, its first stop in Asia.

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Samsung Pay Beta Test Starts In Singapore With Citibank

At MWC this year, Samsung confirmed its plans to expand to 7 countries in 2016 beyond the two where it was already available (South Korea and the United States). Among those 7 countries, only China has seen the light of day so far, but it looks like Singapore isn't too far off. Samsung has just announced a partnership with one of Singapore's leading banks: Citibank.

The service, however, isn't yet fully launched in Singapore. Samsung's press release says its launch is slated for Q2 2016, but I'm not sure how that's possible given that Q2 ends in about a month and that Samsung seems to be just ready to start its beta test phase now.

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