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Movie ticket subscription service Sinemia ceases US operations

Movie ticket subscription service and MoviePass competitor Sinemia has ended operations in the United States, the company has announced. Sinemia cites difficulty in covering "increased operations and legal costs."

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As MoviePass collapses, Sinemia expands $30 unlimited movie subscription plan to more places

The $10 unlimited movie subscription from app-based MoviePass seemed too good to be true when it launched a few years back, and indeed it was. MoviePass is in the process of imploding, but one of its European rivals has taken this opportunity to expand into the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. Sinemia says its approach is sustainable, but it's also more expensive. You'll pay $30 per month for unlimited movies.

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Sinemia courts MoviePass subscribers with more flexible $9.99 movie subscription pass

In one of the larger business gaffes of the year so far, movie ticket subscription service MoviePass recently tried to increase prices while simultaneously cutting member benefits. The ill-conceived move ultimately didn't come to fruition, but the company did limit the benefits its customers get for their $9.99 monthly subscription. Seeing an opportunity too good to pass up, competitor Sinemia has now introduced its own $9.99 Classic plan with slightly more flexibility for members.

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MoviePass competitor Sinemia now starts at $4.99 per month, but with caveats

By giving more than 2 million customers a way to see multiple movies in theaters each month at a discounted price, MoviePass is disrupting the cinema industry in a big way. While not nearly as much of a household name, Sinemia is vying to do the same. With new subscription plans starting at lower prices and boasting features that its rival doesn't offer, Sinemia may seem like an appealing alternative — and it may be for some types of moviegoers. But as is typically the case, the devil is in the details.

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