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Google Releases Android Auto Desktop Head Unit, A Fully Operational Emulator For Auto App Development

One of the biggest challenges to creating good apps for Android Auto has been actually testing the experience. Many independent developers can't afford to purchase brand new cars with Auto built-in, and aftermarket head units won't fit in most recently manufactured cars without heavy modification, and most of those units aren't very good anyway. When the Auto SDK came out, it included simulators that could be used for basic testing of just the messaging and media browser interfaces, but even these weren't good substitutes for the real thing. Today, Google released the Android Auto Desktop Head Unit, a functioning implementation of the Android Auto platform that runs right on a desktop or laptop.

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Piloteer Is A Beautiful Physics-Based Jetpack Sim With Punishing Difficulty

Sure, jetpacks seem like a good idea at first, then you realize how hard it would be to not die while using one. Piloteer gives form to that fear with a mercilessly challenging physics simulator. You have a jetpack in this game, but it doesn't have any fancy gyroscopic stabilizers or wussy safety measures. You fly, you fail (fabulously), you fly again.

In the main career mode of Piloteer, you are given 60 different missions across three lovely art deco levels. The missions can be anything from land in this spot, to stay in the air for 5 seconds, to fly through these rings.

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