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[Bonus Round] Redungeon, Viridi, Caterzillar, Marina Militare It Navy Sim, Zombillie, The Sandbox Evolution, and Memento Bay

Welcome to the latest entry in our Bonus Round series, wherein we tell you all about the new Android games of the day that we couldn't get to during our regular news rounds. Consider this a quick update for the dedicated gamers who can't wait for our bi-weekly roundups, and don't want to wade through a whole day's worth of news just to get their pixelated fix. Today we have a unique roguelike, a zen garden game, two takes on Snake, a surprising military sim, a simple racer, and the sequel to The Sandbox. Without further ado:

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'The Westport Independent' Is A Game All About Fascist Censorship

The Westport Independent's Android version is published by Coffee Stain Studios, the same goofy people who brought us Goat Simulator and its sequels. But don't be confused: they're just the publishers, and the developers of the game are Double Zero One Zero, a two-man Swedish team. This is a horse of a different color.

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Farming Simulator 2016 Plows Into The Play Store With Better Graphics, Different Crops, More Vehicles, And New Ways To Navigate The Rural Job Market

I'm from a part of Virginia where you learn different crops not because you're a farmer, but because there isn't much else to look at during the bus ride to school. Similarly, you start to recognize different types of tractors not because you aspire to drive one someday, but because you've spent untold hours stuck behind them on a one lane road.

I moved away as soon as I got the chance, and while I don't yearn to return to such a place, I imagine there are rural expatriates who long to return to the smell of dirt and cow manure.

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Find A Crew, Find A Job, And Keep Flying In Space Trade-Em-Up Cosmonautica, Now Out Of Early Access

When you stare into the infinite void of space, salted with stars so vast and distant that they defy the human mind to imagine them, you can't help but wonder at the scope and majesty of the universe. Then you start to wonder how to make some money out of it.

Cosmonautica is the latest in a long line of space trading sims, the stellar ancestors of the old "pirate math" games from the 80s. And yes, buying and selling goods across star systems serves as the core of the game, with profits enabling you to upgrade and arm your ship, hire new crew, and expand your business.

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SBK15 Is A Motorcycle Racing Sim That Should Please Superbike Fans, But Skimps On Features

Developer Digital Tales has been hyping its latest Superbike game for a few weeks, and today it's finally been released on Google Play. SBK15 is a simulator in the general sense, and it tries to bring a feeling of realism to its motorcycle races. The tracks are based on real tracks, the bikes are based on real bikes, and the riders are licensed likenesses of world championship racers, complete with authentic sponsor logos plastered to their helmets.

And don't get me wrong, SBK16 definitely has some good points. The graphics are appealing without being too taxing, the sense of speed is decent, and the tilt controls actually make sense in the context of leaning into a curve.

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[Game Roundup] Our Top Seven Picks For The Best New Games Of May 2015

The biggest Android gaming news of the month was certainly the release of NVIDIA's SHIELD Android TV, and it brought with it quite a few high-profile PC ports. But since the vast majority of readers don't have one, I've decided to restrict this month's top picks to more general smartphone and tablet games. Fear not, SHIELD early adopters: you get your own picks down there below the honorable mention section.


Grim Fandango Remastered

Android Police coverage: Double Fine Productions Brings Grim Fandango Remastered To Android, On Sale For Launch At $9.99

Grim Fandango is widely considered one of the best point-and-click adventure games ever made, and now it can be had on Android for the hefty sum of ten bucks.

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SimplePlanes Flies In From The Maker Of SimpleRockets And SimplePhysics

Developer Jundroo, LLC builds games that, in turn, let players build other things. While we haven't yet reached buildception (the point where those virtual things go on to build more things of their own), the number of things we're able to build continues to grow.

SimplePhysics let players create structures, just like BridgeBasher before it. SimpleRockets followed with the ability to send custom spaceships to fictional versions of our solar system's planets. Now SimplePlanes is here to let us see which of us has what it takes to create something that get off the ground while staying within our atmosphere.



SimplePlanes looks like a crossover between Microsoft Flight simulator and Lego, with planes built of brightly colored blocks and environment textures looking decidedly plain.

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[MMMBBBAAA] Goat Simulator Arrives On Android In All Its Buggy, Insane, Physics-Defying Glory

There are simulation games that strive for perfect duplication of their source material, whose developers will accept nothing less than factual and technical excellence. This is not one of those games. Say hello to Goat Simulator, part physics sandbox, part tongue-in-cheek gaming commentary, and all completely balls-out insane. You are a goat, and you do goaty things, which mostly involves flinging your thick and smelly body around a 3D environment and seeing what happens.


Goat Simulator got its start on the PC. It's something of a lampoon of the increasingly pedantic "Simulator 20XX" sub-genre, which includes such riveting titles as Farming Simulator, Warehouse And Logistics Simulator, and even Woodcutter Simulator.

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[Game Roundup] Our Top Seven Picks For The Best New Games Of August 2014

Summertime is conventionally considered a slow season for game releases, at least in the console and PC world. But thanks to the ceaseless environment of mobile design, there's been no noticeable slowdown in the world of Android games. In fact, we're seeing a pretty constant flow of both original titles and ports from older consoles and iOS. Below are our top seven picks for August's new games, along with some honorable mentions.



Android Police coverage: Math Nerds And Card Nerds Can Both Geek Out With Calculords, Now Available On Android

Calculords is an odd mix of a Magic-style collectible card game, Math Blaster, and lane-based defense.

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Surgeon Simulator Is Now Out For Android So That Even The Most Unqualified People Can Operate

Surgeon Simulator is a game where players will save lives, but this will come mostly likely after they've ruined many others. In this port of the popular PC title, players get to step into an operating room and do whatever it is their heart desires. The idea is that this will match whatever it is the patient's heart wants, but as we know from any simulation game, this isn't always the case.

Surgeon1 Surgeon2 Surgeon3

Surgeon4 Surgeon5 Surgeon6

With a first-person view of the action and tight control over their surgeon's hands, players are able to wield tools however they see fit and cause great mayhem thanks to the game's over-the-top physics engine.

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