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[Update: Available again] OnePlus 6 limited edition Silk White sells out in a day, new drop scheduled for June 12th

OnePlus' new Silk White variant of the OnePlus 6 is an attractive device. It even sold me on the merits of a white phone, though I've been a staunch advocate against them. Apparently a lot of other people felt the same. According to its site, OnePlus has burned through its stock in a bit over a day. Thankfully, another limited drop is coming on June 12th.

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[Gallery] Limited edition Silk White OnePlus 6 is all dressed up for summer

OnePlus phones, historically, have come in a variety of extra or limited-edition styles. Previous color options include Soft Gold and Sandstone White. The new Silk White OnePlus 6 splits that difference with a rose gold-tint, packing the company's latest hardware into a brighter, summer-ready body. 

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