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New Game REDDEN Lets You Play As A Magic Bullet In Stylish Silhouette

Remember that awesome credits sequence from Lord of War? Imagine that as an artsy 2D silhouette game, and you might get something close to Redden. This touch-based shooting title has mechanics that are incredibly simple, but the stylish presentation and unique take on the story make it worth a look if you want something different. Redden is $2.44 in the Play Store and has no advertising or in-app purchases, at least at launch.

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15 Hauntingly Beautiful Dark And Atmospheric Android Games

While there is no shortage of puzzle and arcade games on the Android platform, it can be easy to get drawn into the mainstream hits like Angry Birds and Cut The Rope. The first time I stumbled onto a "darker" game, I had downloaded World Of Goo as part of a Humble Bundle, and was instantly mesmerized by its graphics and sounds. There was something hauntingly beautiful about it, and I ended up on the Play Store looking at the "Similar Apps" and "Users also installed" sections.

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