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YouTube Music migration from Google Play Music is breaking the YouTube sidebar for some

Last month, Google began rolling out a transfer tool to help users migrate seamlessly from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. It's a one-click process that syncs your library, recommendations, playlists, likes and dislikes, and more. However, as is often the case with new tech like this, many users are experiencing a glitch, reporting that the migration of their data is causing their YouTube side panel to disappear on both desktop and mobile.

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YouTube Android App Now Sports A White Sidebar For Some Users, Without An Update

Google has given a bunch of its apps the Material Design treatment. Thus far, YouTube isn't one of them, even if you're running Android 5.0. But a few users have noticed a UI change that nudges things in that direction. They've fired up the app and slid out the sidebar, only to see that it's now white. With their avatar in the top left atop a colorful background, YouTube is starting to look ever-so-slightly more like what Lollipop users would expect.

Here's a comparison between the new white sidebar (left) and the black one that I still see on my account (right).

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Appsi Adds Plugins And Customization To The Holo-Style Swipe-Out Sidebar Launcher

The latest trend in Android user interface modifications is the gesture-based meta-launcher, a way of quickly launching and switching between huge numbers of apps. My personal favorite is still SwipePad, but the current fashion is for Holo-style, scrollable sidebars. Appsi is the latest among these, but differentiates itself with a ton of customization and plugins.

unnamed (41) unnamed (42) unnamed (40)

First of all, the setup process is a lot simpler than similar apps, allowing the user to easily move the activation areas with a more graphical UI, instead of adjusting numbers or sliders. Each hotspot can be expanded with gestures, or more precisely, modified launch gestures - turn the launch movement up or down to bring up a shorter list of favorites, for example.

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Finally, Google Has Come Up With A Predictable, Intuitive Sidebar Navigation Design - Now Please Add It To Everything [Update: Confirmed By Googlers!]

What exactly is the deal with slide-out sidebar navigation? Is it a standard Holo thing? Is it not? 3rd-party developers aren't really sure what to do with it, and even Google-made apps are all over the place. Some apps have sidebar navigation, some don't. The ones that do have it all function a little differently and none of the implementations were actually any good - until now.

Google Earth and Google Shopper were just updated with a new sidebar design, and, well, have you seen them? Google has fixed the biggest problem I have with all the previous designs: unpredictability.

In order to understand what's so great about the new design, we have to talk about what's so crappy about the old designs.

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Devs Clone The Google Now Card View UI, Plus A Bunch Of Other Awesome Interface Elements, Open Source Them All

While Android continues to get better about making its UI look gorgeous, there are still plenty of trends that have yet to be standardized in any meaningful way. Of course, part of that may be because they don't need to be. After all, Google doesn't want every app in the world to use the Google Now-style card view (though, so far, Google+, Search, and Currents are already among those that find inspiration from them). This leaves implementation up to developers, like those featured over at AndroidViews. Here are just a few samples of their work:

2012-12-23_14h32_09 2012-12-23_14h23_54 2012-12-23_14h24_07

As you can see, it's not just the cards UI.

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[Update: It's Live] Rdio Beta Review: Bugs Aside, Spotify Could Learn A Thing Or Two From This App

To call Rdio's latest beta a complete overhaul might be a bit of a misnomer. The feature set is largely the same, even if the design has gotten a facelift. However, seeing as the music streaming wars are heating up, it seems like a perfect time to take a second look at the service that always seems to play second fiddle to the behemoth that is Spotify.

Update: This version of the app is now live.

For the uninitiated, Rdio (ar-dee-oh) is a music streaming service with both web and Android-based applications. New users can get a limited amount of free music via the site.

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Rdio Launches Beta For Its Upcoming App Redesign, And It Is Glorious

When it comes to streaming subscription services, Spotify has stolen the spotlight in the US, where companies like Rdio have struggled to get the attention and acclaim they used to enjoy back before the Swedish invasion. With Xbox Music looming on the horizon, promising to install 30 million free, ad-supported tracks into every computer running Windows 8, the market has never been more competitive. Which makes Rdio's newly announced overhaul to its Android app all the more timely. It's even better that it looks fantastic.

Old Versus New

oldrdio1 oldrdio2 oldrdio4

The old version of Rdio that current users have.

2012-10-16 14.33.52 2012-10-16 14.36.46 2012-10-16 14.34.48

The slick new look.

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