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Weekend poll: What's your installed app count on the Play Store?

Smartphones are nothing without apps, and there are a whole lot of them out there on the Play Store. Of course, the quality there... let's say "varies" thanks to Google's rather lax administration and curation efforts. But there are piles of apps we depend on every day, others we use maybe a couple times a month, and yet more we uninstalled, never to use them again. With Google's convenient account Dashboard tool to refer to: How many apps do you have tied to your Google Play account?

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Weekend poll: Do you use an iPhone or iPad?

I know, we're the Android Police, but the highlight of this week's news when it comes to phones is clearly Apple's WWDC and iOS 14. Not all of our readers stick to Android, plenty of you may be reading these very words from an iPad or iPhone. We're not here to judge, but we're curious to know how many of you use iOS devices — whether that's in addition to an Android device or not.

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Weekend poll: Which video call or conferencing services do you use?

Over the last few months, the popularity of videoconferencing services like Zoom has exploded. With so many of us working at home and unable to visit friends or family, video calls are a close (or distant) second when it comes to both work meetings and general human contact. Now that Google is stepping up its own competition against Zoom, we're curious to know which video call or conferencing services you might use.

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Weekend poll: Have you tried Stadia yet?

This last week, Google's Stadia game streaming service finally expanded to support basically all Android phones — and even Android TVs in an unofficial capacity, if you've got a mouse and some time to tinker with it. At this point, it's been around for over half a year. So, have you tried it yet?

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Weekend poll: Are you interested in Google's 'Sabrina' Android TV dongle?

Last week, our friends at XDA Developers dug up a treasure trove of details surrounding the upcoming Android TV-powered dongle long-rumored to be in development at Google. Beyond showing us what it and its included remote might look like, together with a handful of specs, we also got our first glimpse at the Android TV redesign it could ship with. Of course, you can't buy one yet, but are you already thinking about picking one up?

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Weekend poll: When was the last time you bought an app?

Smartphones aren't a new concept anymore, and we have all settled into a specific platform (or two), complete with app purchases to fill out our needs. Plenty of the most essential ones are free these days — though remember what they say, "If you're not the customer, you're the product" — but I'm curious to know, when was the last time you paid for an app?

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Weekend poll: What did you do with your last phone when you upgraded?

Buying a new phone is a big decision, especially with the prices these days. For most of us, dropping several hundred bucks isn't something that can be easily done. You've got to plan for and budget it out well in advance. But once you've made the actual purchasing decision, the credit card's been charged, and you get that delivery notification, there's one more choice you've got to make: If you still have it, what do you do with the old phone?

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Weekend poll: Do you use widgets on your home screen? And if so, how many?

Widgets were once triumphed as one of Android's small victories over other platforms, offering extra utility that almost everyone saw as a clear benefit — or, at least, a fun avenue for customization. They've been around now for over a decade, and though third party support has waxed and waned, we're curious to know: Do you use a widget on your home screen/launcher? If so, how many have you got?

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Weekend poll: Do you want us to review Windows laptops?

It's reasonable to assume, given our niche, that all (or almost all) of our readers have a phone. But, you've also probably got a laptop, and the interactions and integrations between those two devices can influence the purchase of each. With plenty of reasons for us to be thinking about it, do you want us to review Windows laptops — at least, major ones?

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Weekend poll: Do you use Digital Wellbeing?

Our work/life balance is further out of whack these days than it's ever been. Even with the best time management skills, it's hard to maintain a separation when you're doing that work from home, and often on your personal devices. But tools like Google's Digital Wellbeing can make it a bit easier to stay focused. With it included in plenty of recent phones, do you use any of Digital Wellbeing's tools on your Android phone?

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