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Shuttle Music Player updated to v2.0 with dynamic themes, album shuffle, and more

The age of streaming music services is upon us, but not everyone has moved to the cloud for their listening needs. Those who still rely on local music files might be interested to know that Shuttle Music Player just got a big, big update. In the v2.0 release, the developer has added a new theme engine, a myriad UI changes, album shuffle, and much more.

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Shuttle Music Player Updated To v1.5 With A Material Overhaul, New Artwork Scanner, And More

Google still doesn't have a Play Music API for third-party apps, so I'm essentially forced to use the official app for streaming my music. If I had the option of using any music app and still getting my cloud tunes, I'd use Shuttle—we've even recommended it a few times. This app is feature-rich and has a slick design, but it's getting even better today with a big update to v1.5. This is the second phase of the developer's material redesign, and it's looking great.