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Spotify tests a Now Playing interface with more difficult access to your song queue

Oh Spotify, oh Spotify, oh Spotify... Users ask you to improve your app's interface and you go ahead and try something that doesn't make sense. But such is life and, thankfully, this new interface is still a server-side change that we shall pray never comes to everyone.

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Dayframe Gets A Material Design Refresh And New Loop And Shuffle Options In Version 3.0

As we approach a year since the introduction of the Android L preview and Material Design, more and more apps of all shapes and sizes (figuratively speaking) are getting their acts together when it comes to the user interface. The latest is Dayframe, a favorite of desktop tablet users and Chromecast aficionados, which gets its paperrific update with version 3.0 today. The standard version is available in the Play Store, and the upgraded version is accessible via a $3 in-app purchase.

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Since Dayframe is so focused on its collection of photo streams and the full-screen viewing of the same, you might not even notice the Material Design elements that have been added.

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