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Viber introduces Shorts, a new way to read stories in the form of text messages

Books, movies, and series are common ways to widely share a story, but it's far more common to tell personal adventures orally or over text messages. However, Viber came up with a new feature that mixes things up, letting you read short stories on your phone, which take the shape of fictitious text messages.

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Robert Downey Jr Stars In A Series Of Creative Shorts To Promote The HTC One M9

It looks like Robert Downey Jr and HTC are at it again, with RDJ starring in an only-slightly-bewildering series of creative short films to promote the release of the One M9.

The short films, made in a collaboration between Robert Downey Jr, Russell Scott, Brian Schaeffer, and HTC, (and "presented" by the One M9 itself) are centered around color as a unifying theme, and are meant to portray a "genre-bending series of adventures" with numerous artistic references and influences ranging - as HTC explains - from Andy Warhol to Charlie Chaplin.

In one short (Purple), RDJ bats a plastic chicken onto a canvas, somehow executing a poultry-themed homage to Warhol's prints of Marilyn Monroe.

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