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Google Assistant is rolling out a bare-bones clone of Siri Shortcuts

Haven't you always wished Google Assistant could do more with the apps on your phone? Not just launch them, but open specific sections or perform certain actions inside them? Even though Google has been talking about this kind of functionality for years, the reality is that these features have been limited and if they exist, they're nearly impossible to discover. We had to dig deep to find how the new Assistant on the Pixel 4 and 4a can do more in apps and in Chrome, but still, that's nowhere near what Apple and Samsung have been able to achieve with Siri Shortcuts or Bixby Routines — two features I've been eyeing with jealousy for a while.

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Google Drive revises file shortcut behavior, pushes migration of existing multiple-location files to 2021

Google introduced file shortcuts to Drive in March to the dismay of many, but some changes are now being made that will hopefully improve the overall user experience. There are several improvements being shared, most of which are being implemented now and another that will come into play next year.

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Google Drive adds support for file shortcuts (Updated)

Cloud storage services like Google Drive have made collaborative work massively more convenient, and soon(ish), it'll get even better: Google will begin testing file shortcuts in Drive over the next few weeks.

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Try '' or '' in your browser to add a Google Calendar event

For some of us, task and calendar management is a chore on its own, and the faster we can do it the better. Assistant helps a bit, but now there's a quicker way to add an event from your browser, while sitting at your desk, thanks to Google's .new top level domain.

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Type '' in your browser's URL bar to start a new Google Keep note


Google docs '.new' domain shortcuts now let you easily switch accounts

If you haven't already used the ".new" domain shortcuts with Google's G Suite services like Docs, Sheets, or Slides, you're missing out. The feature allows you to quickly and easily create a new blank document (or spreadsheet, or presentation, etc.) without all the tedium of navigating Google Drive to open one. The only real disadvantage was they would previously only open a new document under your current primary Google account, but now you can append a number (i.e., to open a new blank document under a different account listed in the switcher.

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[Update] Android Q Quick Settings have hidden and confusing shortcuts

We've been using Android Q for a few months already, but we're still coming across some minor and unexpected changes in our favorite OS. Take for example the Quick Settings and notification area. It was redesigned from Oreo to Pie, then again from Pie to Q, and one of those changes involves a few invisible, but very confusing, shortcuts.

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Google Docs introduces '.new' domain shortcuts for creating documents

Creating a new document with Google Docs was never a particularly labor-intensive task; all you have to do is open the appropriate site and click "New." But now, Google has simplified the process even further by allowing users to start new documents right from their browsers' address bar using domains that end in ".new."

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Quick access buttons for home and work showing up for some in Google Maps

In Google Maps, you can set certain addresses as your home and work. This makes things a lot more convenient if you navigate from different places to your house or workplace often, as you can simply tell Google to "navigate home" or hit a shortcut within the search function. But if those options were just too long-winded, Google is testing an even quicker way for you to set up a route to your home/work.

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Assistant launcher shortcut showing up unexpectedly for many users

You've been able to install a launcher shortcut for Google Assistant from the Play Store for a while now, but we've started receiving reports that the icon has been showing up unexpectedly in the launchers of people who haven't done that.

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