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Android Q Quick Settings have hidden and confusing shortcuts

We've been using Android Q for a few months already, but we're still coming across some minor and unexpected changes in our favorite OS. Take for example the Quick Settings and notification area. It was redesigned from Oreo to Pie, then again from Pie to Q, and one of those changes involves a few invisible, but very confusing, shortcuts.

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Google Docs introduces '.new' domain shortcuts for creating documents

Creating a new document with Google Docs was never a particularly labor-intensive task; all you have to do is open the appropriate site and click "New." But now, Google has simplified the process even further by allowing users to start new documents right from their browsers' address bar using domains that end in ".new."

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Quick access buttons for home and work showing up for some in Google Maps

In Google Maps, you can set certain addresses as your home and work. This makes things a lot more convenient if you navigate from different places to your house or workplace often, as you can simply tell Google to "navigate home" or hit a shortcut within the search function. But if those options were just too long-winded, Google is testing an even quicker way for you to set up a route to your home/work.

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Assistant launcher shortcut showing up unexpectedly for many users

You've been able to install a launcher shortcut for Google Assistant from the Play Store for a while now, but we've started receiving reports that the icon has been showing up unexpectedly in the launchers of people who haven't done that.

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Chrome OS Settings and Shortcuts to appear in launcher alongside Android apps

With Android tablets being... Android tablets, Chromebooks are quickly being adapted to fill the void. On supported devices, they combine the utility of Android apps with the flexibility of an adaptive (and productive) form-factor. The latest tweak, presenting Android-style Settings and Shortcuts apps in the launcher, further affirms the role Google's Chrome OS is set to assume. 

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Google Maps shortcuts are live for some users with 14 quick actions to choose from

In Cody's past teardowns of Google Maps, one option popped up a few times: Shortcuts. Until now, we hadn't seen the feature yet and hadn't received any tips about it, but it looks like it's starting to go live for some users. Our tipster has it in his Google Maps v9.72.2 but we can't replicate it on our versions yet so it seems to be a server-side update.

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Google has killed the shortcuts at the top of the Feed

Remember those shortcuts at the top of the Feed in the Google app for things like weather and restaurants? They've been missing from the app for the past week or two. Turns out, their absence isn't an oversight. Google has intentionally removed those shortcuts from the Feed. 

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Google Maps v9.70 beta enables adding and removing visited places, prepares to display showtimes and sell tickets, continues work on shortcuts, and much more [APK Teardown]

Google Maps has a new beta peeking out on devices. After a great deal of poking around, the list of changes for the interface is pretty sparse, but as always, there's a ton to discuss from the teardown. There's more from the home screen shortcuts, showtimes with ticket sales, detail fields for food photos, and way more.

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Weekend poll: Do you use app shortcuts?

Ever since Android Nougat 7.1 (and the second N Developer Preview), developers have been able to add a second set of actions to app shortcuts in supported launchers. By long-pressing a supported app on the homescreen or app list, you can quickly access specific functions in it. Although we've had the feature for over a year, not all developers have updated their apps to take advantage of it, and plenty of us forget that the option is even there. What about you, do you use app shortcuts?

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Google Maps v9.68 makes indoor maps easier to spot, prepares intelligent 'out of range' warnings, and much more [APK Teardown]

For many people around the world, this is the holiday season. We're packing things up and hitting the road to visit family and friends. Most of us will put at least some part of our trip into Google's hands as we launch Maps and wait for it to tell us which turn to take next. A new version hit the beta channel yesterday to prepare for some of these road trips. There are a few new features and a boatload of items for a teardown.

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